The Charter PC - Low Cost Trading Computer

Our Charter PC is our second dedicated computers for trading professionals.

Designed as a lower cost trading computer for new traders or ones who only run programs like MT4 or web based trading platforms which are traditionally less demanding on the PC.

CPU, Chipset & RAM

Based off our low cost Pro PC system the Charter uses the fast Intel 9th generation Core i3 chips as standard. These are very fast at running less intensive workloads, so charting packages like MT4 respond really well on them.

There is a faster i3 which pushes the raw speed a bit further and then the i5 9600KF which enhances the multi-tasking capabilities of the system.

The vast majority of trading software requires a fast CPU, not one with lots of processing cores, this makes the Intel 9th generation chips a great match as they are really fast for these types of workloads.

These i3’s can outperform other processors costing 4 or 5 times as much in some scenarios.

We start the Charter off with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, again the right amount for MT4 or web based trading packages. You can expand right up to 32GB if you want / need to however 8GB does still meet many traders needs for these kinds of workloads.

Hard Drives

We use solid state hard drives (SSD’s) exclusively across our entire PC range as they make a big improvement to a systems responsiveness.

The Charter comes with a 120GB SSD, this may not sound a lot however after Windows is installed you will generally be left with around 80 – 90GB of free space.

Web browsers and programs like MT4 take up very little space (less than 1GB) and most traders never save anything else to their computers, based on this 120Gb is plenty.

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Graphics Cards

Just like our Pro PC’s we use the nVidia GT 710 cards here, two of them come as standard allowing you to connect up to 4 digital FHD (1920 x 1080) screens to the computer.

You get a mix of HDMI and DVI ports which are fully interchangeable using adapters which we include with the computer as standard.

Although they are low powered, the GT 710 is more than enough to handle the graphics workload associated with trading software, which is pretty minimal when compare with CAD, photoshop or 3D gaming graphics requirements.

You can go for 6 or an 8 screen capable Charter PC if required, the 8 screen system switches to using some nVidia Quadro P620 cards which have Mini-DisplayPort outputs on the back of them.

We will supply adapters to convert these into a DVI monitor port included with the cost of selecting this graphics option.

Case, Power, Cooling & Noise

The Fractal Design Core 1100 Case does a neat job of providing a housing for your computer parts, it looks nice, is not overly big, and offers decent cooling / airflow.

A low noise 500w power supply provides ample power to the Charter and overall the computer is pretty efficient in terms of overall power draw.

For CPU cooling we upgrade you to an Arctic cooling block which offers better and quieter cooling over the stock Intel CPU coolers which tend to come with these i3 processors.

Low Cost Trading Computers

The Charter PC is a great option for people looking for their first trading computer or anyone who wants a dedicated machine for their charting or trading platform.

Despite what some other companies may try to claim, you don’t need a super computer for trading. Once you take the time to understand how different trading platforms work you can then pick the right components to power them without needing a mortgage to pay for them.

Sure, if you are running intensive platforms, are heavily into back-testing or have some customised algorithms crunching numbers constantly then a more powerful CPU / computer will be beneficial.

But if you are simply wanting to keep open some charts / timeframes and need a computer that can handle that and remain responsive even during busy periods then the Charter is the perfect option for you.

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Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: November, 2019