10 Minutes To Save You Money & Stress

Are you looking to invest in a new computer?

Before you make that decision on what to get and who to buy it from you should definitely spend a few minutes of your time getting a better understanding of computer spec’s and pricing.

The following articles will save you money and might help you avoid a lot of stress.

Do You Need That i7?

It often sometimes seems like everyone is saying you need an i7 or an i9 processor. Here's why they are probably wrong:

Do You Need That i7?

False Economy – Cheap Computers

Have you seen something that looks really cheap? This is exactly how companies are able to advertise seemingly cheap prices for computers and why things are maybe not as cheap as they first appear.

False Economy - How Is That Computer So Cheap?

Insist On The Latest CPU’s

Here’s how a 5 minute conversation helped one customer get a computer that was 20% faster than an alternative for 25% less money.

Insist On A New Generation CPU


Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: August, 2023