About Us

The Early Years

The original goal of the business was to make it easier for people to purchase and setup multi-screen computer environments either for business or home use.

Traditionally going multi-screen meant having to customise a standard computer to give it enough monitor outputs to support extra screens, this required specialist knowledge and a fair amount of money.

There was no clear path to achieving this high monitor supporting PC systems and advice tended to vary wildly based on who you listened to.

As users of multiple monitor computers ourselves we faced the same problem as everyone else, but coming from an IT background meant that we had all the skills required to build these kinds of systems, we just needed to discover the best way of doing it.

After a large amount of time and money spent on experimentation we identified the best types of system designs to give a combination of performance, stability and reliability and this is the basis of every machine we sell.

Our Current Position

Over the years we have honed our craft and brought experienced technicians on-board and we now offer an unmatched range of monitor arrays and computer systems for a wide range of uses.

The financial and trading markets are big customers of ours, our performance computers and high number of display outputs mean that they are a fantastic match for these types of professionals.

We also sell a lot of machines to computer programmers and developers, graphic designers and security companies. There are many industries which are now discovering the benefits of multi-screen computing and we are here to help and guide them down the best route.

An Industry Resource

Besides offering a range of computers and monitor arrays we are also building up a great resource of multi monitor related information in our blog area.

This resource is provided freely to any website visitors whether they decide to purchase from us or not and has been put together with input from our expert group of technicians.

We review industry related products and technologies and provide guidance and advice on setting up and using multiple monitors on a day to day basis.

As you will be able to see, we are experts in this field and we simply want everyone to benefit from our knowledge as the more people that succeed with multi-screen systems the better it will be for us all.

Get In Touch

We invite you to contact us with any questions or queries you may have related to multiple monitor technology.

You can reach us on 0330 223 66 55 or via email: sales@multiplemontors.co.uk.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to hear from you soon!

The Multiple Monitors Team

Multiple Monitors Founder - Darren Atkinson

Multiple Monitors was launched in
early 2008 by its founder
Darren Atkinson.