Customer Testimonials

Here are a sample of the comments we have had from previous happy customers:

The new 6 screen trading station is brilliant, well worth the money and a great investment. It has made my job much easier.
Geoff Wheeler (6 x 22" Monitors Array & Extreme i7 PC)

System is fantastic. Super fast and the stand does the justice to the screens.
Raj Misra (Triple 19" Monitors Array & Ultra i5 PC)

Thanks, everything is perfect..! I shall be recommending you to my colleagues.
Bryan Wiggins (6 x 22" Monitors Array & Extreme i7 PC)

The new PC is installed and working extremely well …
David Knowles (3 x 22" Monitors Array & Extreme i7 PC)

Just a quick email to say my triple screen system arrived yesterday and it looks great. Thanks for all your help.
David Coomber (Triple 20" Widescreens)

...just a word of thanks for your help in sorting out the problems I have had with the new system. I really believe you can tell if you have made the right purchase, if things go wrong, and you get service support from the supplier, which you have provided.
Paul Pearson (Six 19" Horizontal & i7 PC)

Superb pc and screens ! Wonderful service !
Ranjan Chowdhury (Quad 17" Horizontal & i7 PC)

Thanks Darren, the monitors have arrived and are great... ...You were very helpful...
Martin McCurley (Dual 22" Widescreens)

I was very impressed with the fast service and the help that was offered when I had problems setting up so that I could use two more screens in addition to my current screen. I am also very pleased with the actual screens supplied. If I need anymore screens, I won’t hesitate to come back as I am very satisfied with the service and what has been supplied. Using more than one screen has been a revelation in terms of efficiency and increase in ease of work.
Meryll Sands, Badger Enterprises Limited (Dual 19" Monitors)

Computer arrived on sunday and is fantastic! Very well put together - many thanks.
Tom Boszko (6 x 19" Monitors Array & Custom Intel PC Ultra)