Warranty Information

Computer Warranty Cover

Hardware Support Details

All our computers are covered by a 5 year hardware package which begins on the delivery date of your computer.

Running alongside the 5 year standard cover all customers have the option of taking 1, 2 or 3 years enhanced cover of our Onsite / Replacement / Collect package.

This enhanced package gives you extra cover and avoids the need to return a PC for repair to us in most instances.

In the rare situation that we need to bring a computer back to our workshop for repair we will supply you with a replacement machine to use for the period that you are without your main computer.

Onsite / Replacement / Repair includes a combination of:

1. Next day onsite part replacements for easy to swap components.

2. Onsite technical support for harder to swap components.

3. A replacement computer for you to use whilst we bring your machine back to our workshop for a full fault diagnosis and repair.

We will determine the fastest way to get you back up and running again and in many cases this can be done the very next day without you needing to return your PC to us.

All three of these options are included at no extra cost for the length of your enhanced cover. The package includes full parts and labour cover, all courier collection / return costs and any costs for onsite technical support callouts.

Read a more in-depth description of this Onsite / Replacement / Collect cover here.

After your enhanced cover level expires we provide the balance of your 5 year support package as a labour only service for fault finding and repairs. During this period you simply need to pay for courier collection and return fees and then any hardware replacement parts required to facilitate a fix.

Return To Base Warranty Package

On some of our computers the default warranty package is a return to base service, this comprises of 2 years parts and labour cover and then a further 3 years labour only cover.

For return to base packages the cost of returning and re-delivering a computer will be charged to you at cost price.

Computer Cover Pre August 2018

From 1st August 2018 our computer support warranty cover packages changed, for orders before then please see your order receipt / invoice for your cover level.

Lifetime Email & Telephone Support Details

If you are having problems with your computer you are able to email or phone our support team at any time to request help and assistance. A member of our support team will then either email or call back to provide help with your issue.

Email support is our preferred method as it allows all issues and interactions between us and you to be logged and referred back to at a later date.

Lifetime Remote Access Support Details

If required we can connect to your computer remotely to view and fix problems, this is a great tool for fault diagnosis and some Windows configuration / setup problems can be easily fixed by this method.

All computers we sell come with lifetime access to our remote access support package, simply contact us via email or telephone and if we deem it worthwhile we will provide instructions on how to facilitate this remote access connection.

Email, telephone and remote access support is available for as long as you still own the PC however it is not transferable if you sell the machine on.

Synergy Stand Warranty

All Synergy Stand products come with a 3 year warranty which covers all components from defects.

Monitor Warranty

All monitors supplied by Multiple Monitors are provided with original manufacturer warranties which range from 2 – 3 years dependent on the specific screen ordered.

Only the original manufacturers are able to make repairs and provide warranty service to your screens.

All documentation required to make claims are provided with the monitors when they are supplied. In addition, visiting the manufacturers website and providing them with you monitor make, model and serial numbers will also allow you access to their claims procedure.

If you have any issues making warranty claims we are more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

International Orders Warranty Cover

For any international orders we receive your lifetime email, telephone and remote support will not be affected however it will only be offered in English language.

Monitor and stand warranties will also be unaffected as claims will still be handled by the original equipment manufacturers.

Unfortunately, we can offer no onsite PC cover or replacement PC services outside of the UK mainland.

We will replace this with 3 years return to base warranty. This three year cover consists of 2 years parts and labour, 1 year labour only service.

You will be responsible for any shipping fees incurred when returning a machine to us for a warranty claim of this nature.

Warranty Cover Notes


Software support is provided on a ‘best efforts’ basis. This means that whilst we will always try to help our customers with their software problems, we can not be expected to offer 1st line support on software not produced by us.

We have built up a wealth of information on software that our customers typically use and are happy to offer assistance when we can, however customers should also look to the original software developers for support when encountering issues.

Any software assistance provided will be dealt with remotely via our telephone, email and remote access service, no onsite support is offered for computer software issues.

Setup Issues:

We are unable to provide any onsite support for initial computer setup. We do provide setup guides and offer telephone / email support for any setup queries which is more than enough to enable you to get up and running quickly.

User Damage:

If a PC is deemed to have developed a fault due to improper usage or any other factor outside of a genuine electrical / mechanical part failure then your warranty will be invalidated.

Factors which may lead to this would include:

- Damage due to dropped items
- Machines operated in unventilated / highly dusty areas
- Incorrectly installed computer upgrades / internal tampering to parts
- Repair / upgrades carried out by 3rd parties without advising Multiple Monitors of this upfront
- Equipment returned to Multiple Monitors for repair using inadequate packaging and subsequently damaged in transit

In this event your warranty will be void and any callout / courier charges incurred will be billed to you.

We are happy to help you in the event of accidental damage however this is not classed as a warranty claim and will be a labour only service.