The 5 Key Aspects of a Top Trading Computer

Our expertise in multi-screen computer systems means that we serve customers in a few different markets however our largest sector has to be the trading / financial area.

We have supplied specialist trading computers for over 4 years now and have spoken with hundreds of trading professionals in this time.

Listening to their requirements and generally being active in this market has given us a real insight into the specific needs and requirements of a trading computer system.

Here are the top 5 requirements of a trading computer:

1. Multiple Monitor Outputs

A core requirement for many is the need to be able to support more than 1 or 2 screens, the more screens you can run the greater the amount of charting and trading data you can display at once.

Achieving a high number of monitor outputs can be done in a few different ways however there are right and wrong ways to do it.

Many of our competitors take shortcuts by using single graphics cards with high numbers of monitor outputs on them such as the Eyefinity range. You can read our separate article on why these are a very poor option.

The best option for performance and stability is to use multiple dual monitor graphics cards and this is exactly what we do. This can lead to more expensive motherboards however the extra cost is most definitely worth it for a stable system for trading purposes.

2. High Performance & Multi-Tasking Capabilities

Once you have decided to place a trade you need to complete it as quickly as possible, any delay in execution could potentially cost you lots of money.

We understand this and design systems with performance in mind.

We exclusively recommend the Intel CPU’s over their AMD counterparts, countless performance tests show that they simply outperform AMD chips in almost every measure.

Key to a fast system along with the CPU is the RAM and the hard drive speed. Having plenty of RAM allows the computer to manage your open programs more effectively with the lowest possible amounts of slowdown.

Likewise, using new solid state hard drives improve overall system responsiveness quite a bit.

There are literally hundreds of combinations of CPUs, Motherboards, RAM and SSDs available to put together however we use our expert knowledge to provide only the best options giving a combination of best possible performance and reliability.

Our Extreme and Ultimate class of machines offer the best performance and multi-tasking capabilities of any PC on the market, we are 100% confident in this statement and offer a massive 30 day refund policy on every PC, something our competitors will not do.

Interested in Trading Computers?

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3. Ultra Quiet Operation

It’s hard to concentrate when there is a continuous droning noise in the background, that’s why we select components to ensure a silent PC as standard.

There are many potential sources of noise in a computer, anything from the power supply, graphics cards, CPU fan, case fans, or hard drives can create a distracting sound.

We select components such as SilentPro power supplies, passive graphics cards, and tune down internal cooling fans to create noise free systems.

Whilst nobody can realistically guarantee silence, we can categorically say that the most you will hear from a Multiple Monitors PC will be a feint hum.

4. Build & Testing Procedures

You can have the best components in the world but if they are assembled by inexperienced people then they will not perform at their optimum. PC design and building is a particular skill which we pride ourselves on.

Even small details like mounting a CPU fan pointing in the wrong direction can ruin the airflow of a case and lead to heat build-up and decreased lifetimes on components.

We take care with each and every machine we assemble and our small team of technicians each have many years of experience in their craft. This is why our machines stand the test of time.

Once assembled every PC gets put onto a testing array which simulates a prolonged heavy load on each component, this runs for a minimum of 8 hours and often far longer. This testing process is what most cheap computer assemblers skip even though it is a crucial step in building a reliable system.

Testing like this ensures we don’t ship computers with faults on them and means you get a perfectly functioning PC straight out of the box.

5. On-going Support & Warranty Cover

The final key to a perfect trading computer is the on-going support required.

In the real world things can go wrong, components can fail at any time and when they do you need to get the issue solved immediately.

As such we have teamed up with a specialist IT support company who provide a minimum of 1 years onsite hardware cover for every PC we sell. This means if any hardware dies then you will get a technician to visit the machine the next business day (at the most) with a replacement component.

The alternative offered by our competitors is to box your faulty PC up, send it back to them and wait up to 5 days or more for them to fix and send back to you. How is that going to affect your on-going trades?

Choose Quality for Your Crucial Tool

Traders more than most need speed and reliability in their IT equipment, our system specifications offer both of these key requirements and we are confident enough to back it up with a massive no questions asked returns period, extensive pre-delivery testing and on-going onsite hardware support.

You could go for a cheaper computer system however all we ask is that you consider the following and place a value on what else can be offered besides the cheapest possible spec:

  • How much is it worth to you to know that you’re new PC will work straight out of the box first time?
  • How much would you value lost days of work if your computer develops a fault?
  • If you’re selecting every component yourself at a competitor how do you know that they will perform well together?
  • Or how reliable specific components are?
  • Or how noisy the final system will be?

For equipment which you’re going to heavily rely on for the next few years we believe that our offers are unbeatable, we don’t offer cheap systems and specifications, but that doesn’t mean that we are expensive either!

Taking into account the quality of components, excellent build quality and on-going after sales care we think we more than compete with anything else on the market.

The choice is yours, and whatever you decide we will be here to try and help assist you with your trading IT requirements for many years to come.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: April, 2012