Ever Wished That There Was A Simple & Hassle Free Way Of Buying A Highly Capable & Reliable Multi-Screen Trading Computer System?

A onetime purchase that supplies everything you need to get up and trading on the number of screens that is right for you, straight out of the box?

Let's be honest, it can be difficult to work out what the best computer setup is for trading. Researching on the Internet only serves to confuse you even further with conflicting recommendations on specification and screens required.

Some people will say something like ĎYou need an i7í but what does this actually mean? Currently at the time of writing this (February 2016) there are 14 different Intel i7 chips available to purchase, many with different operating speeds, so which Ďi7í do they mean???

Likewise, in terms of connecting up multiple screens, did you know that there are more than 7 different connection ports just for monitors! Some are digital some are analogue, some can be converted from one type to another, some canít.

Picking the right computer for your trading requirements can be a real headache, luckily for you though you have arrived at the right place!

I'm pleased to tell you that at Multiple Monitors our aim is to take the pain out of going multi-screen and we have a range of easy to understand solutions specifically designed with traders like you in mind.

How we became experts at multi-screen computing

My name is Darren and I originally started this business back in 2008 due to getting frustrated at the lack of clear and concise information on buying a multi-screen capable PC.

I'm not a trader but started life in IT hardware support before moving on to web development and programming, I quickly learned about the advantages of having multiple screens to work from, as things progressed I looked into buying a multi-screen computer and monitor array.

Only finding one website which had any kind of inclusive package available and then realising this was a US based operation was surprising, after some digging around even I (with my IT hardware background) found building a stable multiple monitor PC a bit of a challenge.

Building the physical PC itself was not hard however working out the best combination of components was difficult to say the least!

This is where the idea for Multiple Monitors came from, we have grown into a small but efficient team offering what I feel is an unmatched range of computer systems and monitor arrays available in the UK and across Europe as a whole.

Applying our knowledge to the world of trading

It didn't take long for me to realise that the largest market for our systems was the trading and financial industries, we quickly started designing our systems to work really well for traders, our largest group of customers.

Whilst a well-designed PC is always going to be a well-designed PC, the time spent talking to traders about their needs gave us a fantastic insight into specific reasons why one PC system was better than another for their needs.

Factors such as performance, reliability, stability, noise levels and the ability to quickly recover from any faults became the basis for our system designs, we have refined these over the years to offer fantastic machines at competitive price points.

Systems that perform when you need them

Many traders have told me that having a responsive system can be crucial at times when the market is moving fast and they need to either place or get out of a trade quickly.

Building a computer that performs well is more than just selecting the fastest possible components and bolting them together, it's about ensuring the following criteria are all met:

Selecting components that perform well together

(Some components just work better together than others)

Assembling components in a way that maximises system life spans

(Keeping airflow in mind helps reduce heat buildup and prolongs system life)

Testing new configurations to ensure components are operating at peak levels

(Just because a part works doesn't mean it can perform at peak levels, testing identifies these issues)

Installing operating systems with no additional software baggage

(The quickest way to ruin system performance is by installing lots of junk software and programs)

Tweaking system settings to ensure machines remain ready to spring into life at a moment's notice

(A fast PC will seem sluggish if key components enter sleep mode inappropriately, we ensure this doesn't happen)

The performance of our PCs is designed into the specification before a screwdriver is ever lifted.

We use our knowledge of the market and the experience of dispatching hundreds of dedicated trading computers every year to ensure that every PC we sell is fit for purpose and is going to exceed customers expectations with its performance.

We only use the best and latest Intel processors and combine these with other high speed components such as solid state hard drives and fast RAM, this ensures that your new machine will react as quickly as you need it to, whenever you need it to.

Our policy with software is only the bare minimum is required. This doesnít mean we take shortcuts, you get a fully installed version of Windows with all the latest security updates and patches applied already. You also get Microsoftís inbuilt security suite installed and updated and any office software selected upon ordering.

What we donít put on is junk trials of software which you will never use, other vendors do this because they earn commission from it, however we know offering clean installations is the best way to ensure that your machine operates at full speed straight out of the box.

Before computers are cleared for dispatch we Ďtweakí a few Windows settings to ensure that performance is optimal for trading users, this includes amongst other things making sure hardware doesnít go to sleep at in-appropriate times.

Reliability and stability designed in from day one

Reliability and stability are important for anybody who relies on their IT equipment but perhaps more so for traders. With large amounts of money on the line a system lockup or crash can end up being a costly experience.

In terms of computer hardware there are two main factors which affect the lifespan and reliability of a system, component selection and system assembly.

All components used in our systems are ones that we have used before and have been tested extensively to provide a combination of great performance and fantastic reliability.

Alongside this we keep right up to date with industry news which helps us decide when to use one specific component over another.

For instance, we know that Kingston HyperX RAM not only performs really well but it is also highly reliable. We have learned this from getting through literally thousands of gigabytes of RAM every year in our builds. This direct, first-hand knowledge is what makes us experts and what sets us apart from the competition.

System assembly is the second crucial step in producing reliable PCs, with systems running faster and hotter every year the heat build-up in high end PCs is one of the main reasons for component failure.

Without care taken in positioning components and selecting the right cases and cooling systems, a high end computer used daily could easily become prone to crashing and component failures.

We have seen and heard countless stories of cheap PC builders producing systems with inadequate cooling that have gone on to fall over regularly.

All of our system builds are hand-assembled by experienced expert technicians which leaves you with a tidy and well thought out internal system layout, something you just donít get with the vast majority of PC assemblers out there.

Silence is golden when sat in front of your machine for long periods

This is one aspect of a system build which I didnít need telling about by our trading customers, ever had that experience of trying to concentrate on your work with a constant droning noise in the background? I have and itís not good!

The good news for you is that all of our PCs are built with silent operation in mind and we do it the right way. This means starting with the right components upfront.

The main noise sources in a PC are fans attached to either the CPU, power supply, graphics cards or the case itself, and the hard drives.

We choose low noise power supplies and cases with silent fans on them. All our CPU air cooling systems are either manually tuned down or come with ultra-low noise fans as standard.

Most of our graphics cards feature passive (no fan) cooling systems and the cards which do have fans are virtually silent in operation.

The wrong way to make a PC silent is to pack it with noise dampening foam or use special Ďsilentí cases. Whilst these steps will reduce noise levels somewhat they can also cause long term system problems.

All electrical components generate heat through use and by using Ďsilentí cases or noise cancelling foam blocks you are simply insulating the machine and trapping the heat inside it, this heat buildup will eventually start impacting on component performance and will lead to failures at one point or another, the only way to avoid this is to use expensive water cooling systems for all components, not just the CPU.

Again, it is worth repeating that we carefully choose components with noise levels and cooling systems in mind and if a specific part adversely affects noise levels or system airflow then we donít use it, simple as that.

Testing your new machine, a crucial step many ignore

Once a system is built and installed it should be thoroughly tested, this is an important step which many overlook. We test each and every computer we sell for an absolute minimum of 16 hours before it is dispatched.

This causes us headaches, (I wonít lie), but it also ensures that your new PC has been rigorously put through its paces with a simulated heavy work load for an extended length of time.

If a component is going to fail then it will usually fail quite quickly into its working lifespan, this extended testing ensures we weed out any potentially weak components before the system reaches you.

Many PC retailers skip this step as it costs them time and money having machines sat around on test, I have heard that Dell do around 20 minutes of testing which is laughable as our own test results show that when failures do happen it is usually a few hours into the testing process.

One final thing to mention is that when we test machines we test each graphics card and monitor output, we can do this because we have monitor arrays setup ready for testing purposes, if youíre buying off a standard PC retailer they will not be setup to effectively test multi-screen PCs in this manner and will most likely skip it.

Disaster recovery, how we can get you back up and running quicker

As I have mentioned, we are really careful with component selection, system assembly and testing, this leads to fantastic lifespans on our PCs, I would be lying though if I said that we have never experienced any hardware failures over the years.

The truth is that nobody can guarantee that any specific component will keep working for any specific amount of time.

Accepting this fact we thought long and hard about how we could firstly negate this issue as much as possible and then secondly ensure that in the worst case scenario how we could get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Negating this issue is done by the aforementioned component selection, system assembly and testing procedures we apply to every PC.

If something does go wrong though with your PC once itís in situ then you need a quick way of getting it sorted out.

This is why we offer free onsite PC hardware support as standard with every computer we sell, this means if a part fails then a qualified IT specialist will attend the PC and resolve the issue no longer than 1 business day after the fault has been logged, this service includes all parts and labour charges and can be extended for up to 5 years for a small extra charge.

No other custom system builder in the UK offers this as an option, if you buy a PC from them that fails, the best case is that you have to package it up and return it to them with the supplier covering the shipping costs, with most warranties though you even have to pay to send it back to them.

The cost of returning is not the main problem though for traders, it is the time spent without your machine. Best case if you have to return a machine for repair then you are looking at 4 days without it (taking into account transit times), if the company performing the repair drag their feet this could stretch to weeks without your machine!

Dell do offer an onsite support service but it costs quite a bit more than ours.

I know what youíre thinking, how do we manage to offer this when others donít? The answer is that we have an agreement with a leading nationwide IT support company that has certified computer technicians located throughout the country.

When you buy a PC from us we pay for a yearís cover with them and let them know the delivery address of the PC and its spec level. They ensure they have all the components required to support the PC in the event of a failure, and if something does go wrong they attend quickly and professionally to resolve the issue at your office or home.

Extra backup options for your total peace of mind

As we have discussed, traders can be more demanding of their IT equipment than most, this is due to the amount of money that can be at stake at any given point in time.

I think the upfront design and testing of our machines, combined with the onsite hardware support makes them a great choice for your needs as a trader, however there is still one area of risk which we havenít discussed and that is what if you get virusíd or a windows update destroys your PC? (this does happen, believe me!).

Our new solution for this is a Bootable Backup Drive, this is an internal hard drive and software combination which takes a regular snapshot of your entire PC system drive. In the event of a hard drive failure, virus, malware or system corruption you can simply reboot your PC and be back up and running with all your software and programs literally within 2 minutes.

This is a great solution for those of you who are paranoid about failure recovery and the system works seamlessly in the background giving you that extra peace of mind.

The Bootable Backup Drive is a low cost upgrade available on any of our machines and is another feature not found in any other UK system supplier that we have ever come across.

Fantastic looking monitor arrays

To make life even simpler we offer a wide range of monitor arrays featuring high quality screens, strong, stable and attractive stands, and extended length high quality cables to complement our computers.

Our monitor arrays are just another way that we set ourselves apart from the competition. Featuring a variety of different layouts and screen sizes you can be sure of finding the perfect setup for your specific trading habits with us.

Our range of Synergy Stands are custom made just for us and are not available through anyone else. The modular mounting system lets you achieve pretty much any kind of layout that you could think of and it also means that the stand can grow and be adapted to any future needs that you may have.

The screens we use are chosen specifically for their suitability for these kind of setups, featuring thin bezels (casing) and outputting bright and crisp images means that they look good on the stands, the physical screens are as close together as possible, (a real bonus when operating software packages across multi-screens), and the output from each screen makes using them easy on the eyes.

Extended length video and power leads are supplied which can be cable managed behind the back of the monitors meaning that you wonít see any cables at all when sat in front of your array.

Having your screens mounted on a dedicated stand not only tidies up your desk, all screens are also perfectly aligned with each other which makes working across them a breeze.

Time, money and stress Saving bundles!

I think our PC systems and unique website make selecting and ordering a new trading PC a really straight-forward prospect. We have also taken this principle of ease and simplicity a step further with our Bundle deals.

If you are looking for a complete setup of PC, stand and screens then configuring a Bundle is the perfect choice for you.

Bundles ensure that you get everything you need to begin instantly trading in one simple purchase. They include:

  • A high performance multi-screen trading computer configured to your exact requirements
  • Your choice of multi-screen Synergy Stand
  • Your choice of monitor type and size
  • High quality mouse and keyboard
  • ALL the required graphics adapters to get your screens connected
  • FREE desktop speakers and wireless network card (WORTH £40!)
  • FREE 3 meter long video and power cables for each screen (WORTH £15 per set!)
  • FREE delivery (UK Mainland)
  • Quick 4 - 5 working day turnaround as standard
  • Up to £100 bundle discount (automatically applied)

They really are the best possible option you will find anywhere for getting up and running with a multi-screen system and the bundle discount / free gifts means that our already competitive pricing gets even better! (I really canít make it any easier for you!)

Great pricing, fantastic products

I know that we are not the cheapest PC seller out there, however I genuinely donít think that we are expensive either.

If you compare our prices with Falcon Trading Computers or Digital Tigers we more than beat them on a price and spec basis, especially taking into account that you will be charged VAT when their machines arrive in the country from the US and this is not mentioned on their websites at all. You also incur hefty delivery charges when purchasing their equipment as well.

There are some cheap PC assemblers in the UK however it comes down to a case of whether you can trust them to put the care into their builds that we do.

Many use unsuitable parts such as noisy gaming graphics cards which are a very poor choice for traders, they do this because itís easier for them, not because it is the best solution for you.

We have also seen and heard countless stories about low price retailers, things like poor build quality, no support, machines being delayed by weeks, arriving faulty and taking weeks if not months to be fixed, one even refuses to offer any refunds claiming that the computers are customised so are ineligible, (this is illegal!).

If you are seriously considering a competitor it's probably worth spending a few minutes digging into their reputation and looking at reviews using Google, it could save you a lot of money and stress.

The extra care we take With every single system

As mentioned, if you are shopping on price only then there will always be a cheaper option available, but the question is how much do you value the following?

Time and experience spent designing machines specifically for trading use

(Not just dumping an unsuitable multi-screen gaming graphics card into a bog standard PC)

PCs built with a selection of high quality and ultra-reliable branded components

(Not sticking the cheapest possible branded or unbranded option in there to lower the upfront cost)

Care spent assembling every PC ensuring optimal configurations to increase system lifespans

(Not just bolting the parts as quickly as possible leading to overheating and system failures)

A clean installation of Windows with only the essentials installed to keep your system safe, secure and stable

(Not installing a load of junk programs in the hope of making a little bit of extra money)

Testing your new system rigorously to ensure all components are in A1 condition before it reaches you

(Not simply throwing it together, sticking an operating system on it and sending it out of the door)

Providing fast, free* and efficient delivery direct to your door before 12:30pm on the delivery day

(Not charging you for delivery*, or expecting you to pay more to get your goods within 5 working days, or delivered before lunch)

Providing genuine aftersales support and help via telephone and email systems

(Not taking days to respond to queries or avoiding calling you back)

Giving you an on-site hardware warranty to get you back up and running quickly in the event of a problem

(Not requesting that you pay to send the machine back to us and holding on to it for weeks before fixing it)

When you add up the value of all these things that we do as standard then you can see why we are the best choice you can make for a new trading computer system.

(*Free delivery on bundles, low cost and quick delivery as standard on everything else)

Risk free purchase with a money back guarantee

As a company our goal is to have happy customers, this means less stress for us, a great word of mouth reputation and repeat business.

The last thing we want to do is sell equipment to somebody and leave them unhappy with our service.

This is why we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on all of our computers, this includes all PCs whether you have customised them or not.

I have personally spoken with other computer retailers who always question why we do this?, the truth is that I am so confident that our machines are a great match for our customers that I like to back it up with a great guarantee.

To be completely honest it is extremely rare for us to ever have to refund a machine, the odd time it happens is when somebody has mis-ordered or had a change in circumstance.

Since day one of being in business (back in 2008) we have never had to refund anybody because the machine was faulty or that the computer wasnít up to the job. This is something I am really proud of and aim to continue indefinitely.

Find and buy Your new trading computer system

Hopefully if you have made it this far you will have a clearer insight into how we operate as a company and why it would be worth considering our computers and bundle deals when looking for a new trading system.

You can view our full range of computers and money saving bundles through the links below and also see our brand new Trader PC designed specifically for traders like you:


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If you need any further help or advice simply get in touch

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Thanks for your time in reading this message.

Darren Atkinson

Founder, Multiple Monitors.

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