Testing, Testing, Testing – 6 Steps To A Working PC Out Of The Box

It’s important to us that you receive your new computer in the best possible condition, the last thing we want is annoyed customers and machines being sent back.

This is why we go a step further than most with our pre-delivery testing to ensure that we weed out as many teething problems with your new PC as is humanly possible.

See how our 6 step strategy works to pick up any issues before they reach you.

1. Initial Component Selection

Before your order is even placed we have spent time designing our system specifications and component lists.

We keep on top of industry news and spend a lot of time experimenting with new components to ensure we only use the ones which offer extremely high reliability levels.

This deliberate decision to limit what components we build with works to create reliable machines which fail far less.

2. Professional Build

Our technicians are industry experts who have collectively spent decades building computers. If there is one thing we know it’s how to properly assemble a PC.

This includes effectively placing components to increase airflow and cooling and ensuring that they are installed securely to survive any movement in transit.

3. Installation & Security Updates

Each PC is fully configured by one of our technicians and the final installation steps are manually carried out on each computer to check for any potential problems.

As soon as Windows is installed the machine is connected to our network and all the latest Microsoft security updates and patches are applied, this includes ensuring the Security Essentials antivirus and anti-spyware package is fully updated.

4. Connection to a Multi-Screen Array

If you’re purchasing a multi monitor computer from a generic PC builder then this is one step which will never get carried out!

We hook each machine up to a multi-screen array to test that each monitor output comes to life, choose a six screen PC and we make sure that all six monitor outputs are active and working at the same time.

5. Burn-In Testing

Once your new PC build has been completed and is up and running on an array, we run some specialist burn-in software to do a prolonged component test.

This software simulates a heavy load on all components including the CPU, RAM, hard drives and ALL graphics cards.

The test runs for a minimum of 16 hours and most of our builds get put through 2 cycles of this before dispatch.

If a computer component is going to fail then it will generally fail quickly, this long testing phase weeds out any potentially weak components before they get to you.

If we do identify an issue the component is replaced and we begin the testing again, no corners are cut here and this is the number one reason that barring a delivery disaster, all our machines work first time out of the box.

6. Manual Inspection

Once a machine has reached this stage and successfully passed its testing, it is actively used for a short time by a technician.

This is to finalise any outstanding setup issues, check that the PC matches the order requirements and generally see if it performs as we would expect it to.

Extra Care for Your PC

We know from experience that many online retailers do the absolute bare minimum amount of testing that they can get away with, which in many cases is none at all!

Because we have high standards and serve a usually professional market we take this extra time to make sure we are delivering only the best systems to our customers.

We hope you’ll agree that taking these extra steps helps ensure that any problems are kept at a minimum.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: April, 2012