Why We Limit Our Upgrade Component Selection

Very occasionally we get asked why we don’t offer a greater range of components to customise our computers.

The main reason for this is we want to supply you with the best performance and reliability from our computers and we use our experience and extensive testing to offer only the best components available.

For example, the are literally hundreds of different SSD’s (solid state hard drives) available however some are slower than others and they all have varying degrees of reliability.

Because of this we only work with the Intel or Kingston range of drives due to their rock solid reliability and top performance.

Their reliability is widely documented (see: Engadget Article) whereas the popular OCZ range of drives have suffered many more failures in comparison (See: Google Search).

We have been supplying Intel SSD drives for a few years now (since back when they were really expensive!) and have not had one instance of a drive failing. Around 18 months ago we carried out a custom build and the customer demanded an OCZ drive unit as, at the time, it was deemed a faster drive than the Intel counterparts. Guess what… It failed after about 6 months of usage losing his entire C drive.

A lot of custom computer builders will offer drives from a wide range of manufacturers however this passes the onus on to you to decide which specific one is the best choice, unless you have an indepth knowledge of IT hardware and a lot of experience working with different types of drives then how are you possibly going to know which is the best option?

Our choice of SSD drives is just one area where we limit upgrade options:

  • We have had bad experiences with certain motherboard manufacturers, as such we always go for Asus boards where possible.
  • We only use certain power supplies in our builds, chosen because of their consistent power output and silence over other makes.
  • Our graphics card selections are made based on a combination of reliability, performance and noise levels.
  • Even our case choices are based on more than just looks, airflow, noise and cooling are important parts of our decisions to go with one case over another.
  • Finally RAM is carefully chosen based on publicised and our own records of failure rates.

What we are trying to get across here is that we are deliberate in our choices and these are based on a combination of lots of performance tests, constantly researching about new components and 3rd party performance reviews, and feedback from our technical team.

We collectively have many years of experience with computer hardware, and we spend each and every day working with the latest high end components.

We’d love you to take advantage of our experience and choose a PC which is not only going to perform at its optimum, but will carry on performing for many years to come.

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Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: April, 2012