Included With Every Computer

The four main PC series we have available come with a variety of CPUs, motherboards, hard drives and case combinations however there are many similarities between them all as well.

Here are the standard features and optional upgrades that cover all our computers:

1. Windows 11 - Fully Licensed

Microsoft Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and is the best choice for the majority of PCs. We pre-install the home edition on all our machines as standard.

Once we install it we make sure all the latest security updates and patches are applied before it enters the testing phase, this means that when you receive the computer there will be no need to wait for these to download and install, just another way in which we do our best to help you out.

Optional Upgrades

Windows 11 Professional edition offers some extra tools for corporate network users and has a few more remote access and disk encryption tools.

Note, an official Windows license key is supplied with your PC.

2. DisplayFusion – Multi Screen Tool Suite

DisplayFusion is the leading multi-monitor productivity suite which we have a customised version of exclusively for our customers.

There are tools to jump programs from screen to screen instantly and each connected monitor gets the benefit of an enhanced taskbar across the bottom of it, this makes management of your programs across the screens far easier.

This software is pre-installed on every PC and is supplied with a lifetime license which includes all future upgrades of the software.

3. Microsoft Windows Security

For antivirus and spyware prevention and detection we use Microsoft’s built in Windows Security suite (This used to be called Windows Defender and Windows Security Essentials before that.

This is freely provided by Microsoft for all licensed Windows operating systems and in our opinion it is a really strong option for defending your PC against infections.

Unlike some other security software packages it hides itself out of the way and only interrupts you when there is a genuine security issue, there are no annoying popups asking you to register or pay for updates.

We use it on all our office and personal machines and have never suffered any kind of virus or spyware infection whilst using it, for this reason we thoroughly recommend it.

4. Internal LAN (Network) & Sound Card

Modern motherboards include network and sound cards as standard, these are generally more than capable of handling all but the most specialised requirements.

Other Upgrades Available Across the Range:

Additional components which you can add to your order on all our machines are:

Wireless Network Card

Select this if you need to connect the PC up to a wireless network, we always recommend using a network cable if you can, but if that’s not an option then simply choose the wireless network card when purchasing your PC.

Mouse & Keyboard Set

We offer a low cost but high quality Logitech mouse and keyboard combination as an option with every computer we sell. You can opt for a wired or a wireless set if you need them or you can provide your own kit.


Computer speakers typically range in price from tens to hundreds of pounds and there are hundreds of different sets available on the market. Unfortunately we can’t cater to everyone’s needs so we offer just the option of a simple set of Logitech desktop speakers.

These do a good job of outputting sound from your PC for a very low price however there are probably better options out there if you require the absolute best sound quality. Our computers are compatible with any type of computer speaker system.

Microsoft Office

We can supply a product key card license for Microsoft’s Office suite if you require it, these are in the form of a license code which you then use to register the software and install on to your system when you receive it.

Unfortunately due to the ‘unique’ way Microsoft license Office we are unable to provide the installation disks for it, everything is downloaded now direct from Microsoft.

The Extra Touches

We take pride in each machine we build and this means it is assembled by a skilled technician giving a professional internal layout and design.

Internal cables are carefully managed out the back of the case where possible, and components are located in the most optimal locations to aide with airflow and cooling.

Finally, before we dispatch a machine it has to have passed our rigorous testing regime which ensures it arrives with you in the best shape possible.

Hopefully this gives you a bit more of an insight into exactly what you receive with any Multiple Monitor computer purchase.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: October, 2023