Introducing a New Resource For Traders

Today I have the pleasure of announcing our latest free resource for Traders and finance professionals,, a brand new website dedicated to all things trading and technology.

Here at Multiple Monitors, we specialise in multi-screen computing equipment, as you can tell from our website, this is all we do.

Due to this focus on just this one area of computing, we have become highly knowledgeable about the requirements for producing really strong trading computers. This knowledge has been earned throughout the past 10 years of serving this niche.

Despite this build up of expert knowledge, we still get asked regularly, what is the best computer for trading?

What’s The Best Computer For Trading?

This is a really difficult question to answer as different types of traders have different needs.

We have some customers who want just two screens, one for a couple of charts and the other to let them place their trades.

We have other customers who run 8 screens, filled with a multitude of charts and spreadsheets.

We also have traders who run 4 screens, 2 for charts, 1 for Internet and 1 for Netflix…

These differing requirements require different computer specifications.

It’s a bit like asking someone what is the best car? Do you want to go fast in a straight line? Pack in a family of four and a boot full of camping gear? Or tow a large caravan around the country on a regular basis?

You wouldn’t recommend the same car for all the above scenarios, some cars could do it all, but some would be massively overkill, or woefully underpowered.

Interested in Trading Computers?

Learn the important, need to know information before you buy a new trading computer.

Cutting Through The Noise

Alongside this question about which computer is the best, we often hear things like ‘my friend said I need an i7’ or ‘I read in a forum that I need an 8 core system’.

The truth is that with computers, there is a ton of noise out there from a variety of sources, some more experienced than others.

I do think that for a trader looking for a new computer then it can be difficult to decide who to listen to.

So how do we cut through this online noise and provide traders with the right information that will lead them to making the right decision on their technology?

We think the answer lies in publishing a series of benchmark computer tests aimed solely at trading computer performance, and that is exactly what is.

Benchmarks That Clearly Show The Differences Between Hardware & Software Choices

We have put together a number of in-depth articles that run through the latest series of processors which definitively show you what one CPU offers over another.

Our tests are not just meaningless benchmarks, they highlight exactly how these hardware choices affect trading software performance.

Moving on from processors, we have a graphics card roundup which completely dispels the myth that you need a powerful graphics card to run a high end multi-screen trading computer.

Following the advice from this graphics card test alone could literally save you hundreds of pounds when purchasing a new trading computer.

Up To Date Tests & An Expanding Resource

We will endeavour to keep our tests right up to date, as new technology is released we will test and update to ensure it is always the number one resource for anyone looking at purchasing a new trading computer system.

Alongside the hardware tests, we will add in further resources on software best practices and tips on keeping your system up and running at optimal levels.

Free For All

I have taken the decision to publish this information for anyone to read and use whether they are a customer of ours or not.

There is so much bad information out there, put out by a mixture of uninformed people or computer hardware companies who don’t really know what they are talking about that I believe this resource is desperately needed.

So feel free to take a look at your leisure, and, as ever, if you have any feedback, good or bad, just let me know.


Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: February, 2018