Introducing The Synergy Stand

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Synergy Multiple Monitor Stand

We are excited to announce our new range of Multiple Monitor Stands.

The Synergy Stand is our own product, designed for us to be the premier multi-screen stand solution available on the market.

We are massively proud of them and are really pleased that we can now share the many benefits of this new stand range with our customers.

The Need For A New Stand

The multiple monitor stand market is a bit of a minefield to be honest.

Over the years we have worked with many different manufacturers of stands, from high end (and high priced) units to fairly low priced stands from generic suppliers in the Far East.

A lot of stand solutions designed to hold multiple screens tend to be priced very highly and are often over-engineered. Some do a decent job of holding the screens but that comes at a high cost which is becoming unsustainable, especially with the ‘global economy’ and the appearance of low priced manufacturing from overseas.

We have used some of these lower priced solutions supplied from places like Taiwan and our results have varied.

Some are simply not fit for purpose, made from materials which can’t seem to support the weight of screens bigger than 17”. Others can be better but availability is generally poor and attempting to secure replacement parts is pretty much impossible.

The other problem which all the multi-screen stand solutions have is that their products are very rigid. You could buy a dual monitor stand, but if you later decided that you wanted to add 1 or 2 more screens then this meant buying a brand new stand.

Being specialists in multi-screen equipment we felt that there simply wasn’t a good enough solution available anywhere to meet the needs of our customers. So, we started speaking with some manufacturers.

How We Have Met This Need

Appointing our own manufacturers meant that we could have fundamental input onto the design and functionality of our own range of stands. We could take our knowledge of the market and apply it to a brand new product built specifically for our customers.

We set out with the simple idea that we wanted to produce the best multiple monitor stand range available on the market, not something just a little better, or a little cheaper, but to take a step up in all areas to produce something truly special.

Taking all the feedback from customers, specialist knowledge of the market and experiences from operating in this sector for over 7 years we compiled a specification of what the perfect solution would look like.

Our designers and manufacturers took this information and came up with a concept which was really strong, we then spent time finalising the design and functionality and hit the button on production late 2014.

I’ll be honest, it has been a long and expensive process but totally worth it.

Why The Synergy Stand Is The Best Solution

The Synergy Stand is the result of our efforts and it’s a great solution in more ways than one.

1. It looks amazing

This was a design requirement, not top of the list, but still important to us. I’m mentioning it first here because the Synergy Stand truly looks special. The quality construction is highlighted by the chunky chrome arms which look (and work) amazingly well.

2. The arms are where the magic happens

Synergy Arms

Traditionally with multi-screen stands the arms are rectangular lumps of metal with a small cut-out section in the middle through which you can bolt a VESA mount.

That type of design really limits where along the arm you can mount a screen and therefore impacts on the size of screens you can mount.

By moving to a tubular arm system the Synergy Stand lets you clamp a screen to almost any position on the arm giving a much greater range of setup possibilities. By carefully selecting the length of the arms we have been able to make the stand accommodate larger screens than pretty much any other stand can manage, up to 28” widescreens.

The tube arm also has another benefit in terms of screen tilt, because your screen is held by a clamp you can essentially rotate the clamp round the arm to have any amount of vertical tilt required, you can have them pointing down at the desk or up at the ceiling if you want.

Did I also mention that they look great?

3. Arm hinges help create curved layouts

The tubular arms are hinged from the central clamp, this means you can ‘swing’ them towards you to create a curved layout, they are not fixed in place like a lot of multi-screen stands out there.

If you choose a Synergy Stand with a row of 3 layout (i.e. a triple horizontal or six monitor stand) then each side of the stand has two arms joined, this joint is a hinge as well which makes creating curves and accommodating many different sizes of screen really easy.

4. Improved VESA mounts

The VESA mounts (the bit which actually bolts to the back of your screen) have been improved a lot over standard designs. Firstly you can pivot any screen left or right individually, this is fantastic for achieving your perfect screen layout.

You can also quickly rotate a screen from its traditional landscape orientation to portrait without removing the screen from the stand, simply rotate the screen whilst attached and the VESA will rotate with it.

5. Bigger screen sizes

I know that I have mentioned above that the stand can accommodate bigger screens, up to 28” widescreens are mountable, but there is another benefit to this for people using smaller screens.

Many other multi-monitor stands will say they can accommodate up to 24” widescreens, this is true but the reality is that the arms are only long enough to accept those size screens without any curve at all.

Mounting three 24” screens side by side gives you a total array width of around 1.7m, if you can’t curve the outer screens round towards you then this is going to lead to serious neck ache as you will constantly be straining to see the edges of your outer screens.

By ensuring that the Synergy Stand can take up to 28” widescreens we are making sure that at this size or smaller then you can still easily have enough room to create that curved effect which is really going to help the usability of your computer system.

6. Base bolt down option

This is something I have personally wanted for a while, the option to secure your base to the desk. Freestanding desk mounts are great, they allow you to position your stand pretty much wherever you want to on your desk however for people with bigger screens that want to create a really pronounced curve effect (i.e. wrap the outer screens around you) then this can destabilise a stand.

All freestanding units suffer this problem, pulling the outer screens of a triple of six screen configuration too far forwards can put too much weight on the front of the stand and lead it into becoming unstable.

For the vast majority of people using a stand this is never a problem, but occasionally it can be an issue.

So, to get around this the base has a hole drilled in it under where the central pole is mounted, we supply a wood screw in the base pack which you can then use to secure it to a wooden desk. This will secure the base to your desk and help alleviate any potential tipping issues.

It’s also a nice security feature, as your stand is safely attached to your desk.

7. A fully modular system

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a Synergy Stand over everything else on the market is that it is a fully modular system, all components that make up the stand are interchangeable.

Why is this a benefit to you? It means that your Synergy Stand can grow with your requirements.

For example, a dual horizontal stand can be turned into a triple horizontal stand with the purchase of just two extra component packs (an extra set of arms and a central VESA mount).

In fact, any Synergy Stand can be reconfigured to any other layout you might want without the need to throw your current stand away and purchase a new one!

The modular components are available to purchase online, anytime you want, again, this is something which is simply not possible with any other multiple monitor stand we have ever used.

Where To Buy Yours

Hopefully you can see why we think this new stand range is the best multi-monitor mounting solution available anywhere on the market.

If you’re ready to purchase then there are only two ways of doing so, you can buy them online through this Multiple Monitors website here: Synergy Stands

All our Bundles and Monitor Array setups now come with Synergy Stands and we have a totally unmatched range of layouts capable of supporting your every need.

We also have a sister website over at which sells the full range of stands and the modular components directly.

If you have any questions about the Synergy Stand or any of our other products simply let us know, as ever we are here to help.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: March, 2015