The Synergy Stand

Introducing the Synergy Stand, a flexible, stable and fully modular multi-screen desktop stand solution for monitors up to and including 28" widescreens.

The perfect solution for any desk based multi-monitor mounting requirements.

Strength & Stability

If you need to mount a number of screens together on a desk then you need a stand that is strong enough to hold everything in place in a safe and secure way.

All the parts of the Synergy Stand are manufactured out of steel which makes it strong, really strong.

Lots of other stands try to save costs by using a metal frame combined with a range of plastic parts, we have first-hand experience of this and the truth is plastic just isn't right for the job for a multi-screen stand. Plastic bends, it flexes, it can break entirely if put under stress, it is not what you want holding up your screens.

All steel construction adds to the production cost but when you are asking it to hold up to six monitors which could cost anywhere between £100 - £400 each then this relatively small extra cost is worth it for the peace of mind you get knowing everything is held firmly in place.

Supports Larger (Up To 28") Screens

Screens are getting bigger. When we first started in business 17" or 19" screens accounted for probably 80% of our monitor sales, now a days 24" widescreens are our most popular screen size and it is rare that anyone orders anything less than a 21.5".

When we designed the Synergy Stand we knew that this trend to bigger screens wasn't going away so we have made sure that you can comfortably mount up to and including 28" widescreen monitors on them whilst still achieving a gentle curve.

Other stands may claim that they can hold up to 24" widescreens, what this generally means is that with 24" screens then you are at the limit of the stands capability and there is no room to angle or curve the outer screens in towards you, you're going to get serious neck ache if you can't curve the outer screens in.

Accommodating 28" widescreens with the ability to curve them means that if you go with smaller screens (think 24") then you will have a lot of scope to position them exactly how you want them.

Modular Build System

Picture this, you've bought a triple monitor stand, you're enjoying the benefits of having an extra couple of screens to use, but there is that nagging thought at the back of your mind, the voice that says 'Wouldn't it be easier if I just had one more screen…'

Choosing a Synergy Stand can help you out here. We can't do anything about the voices in your head! But we can help you reconfigure your stand to support more screens.

The Synergy Stand is a fully modular solution. All stands can be reconfigured with additional parts to let you create any layout.

The modular parts are available to order individually through our dedicated Synergy Stand website, again something that you just can't do with pretty much any other multi-screen mounting solution on the market.

Flexible Enough For Any Requirement

One of the challenges we had when producing the Synergy Stand was creating something that felt rock solid in terms of strength and stability but was still flexible enough to be able to handle virtually any mounting challenge that could be asked of it. Cutting a long story short, we managed it.

What does this actually mean then? Well, to start with the arms which hold your monitors can be mounted at pretty much any height up the central column. They also hinge from the middle so you can pull them forwards to help create more of a 'curved' layout.

In terms of arm mounted screens, you can slide them horizontally along the arms into place, once positioned you can pivot the screens left or right individually and the have a wide range of up / down tilt. There is also 30mm of height adjustment right there on the mount, this makes aligning screens really easy and can also be super useful if you have different sized screens on the same stand.

Central / pole mounted screens can fix to the central column at any height and are mounted independently of the outer screens which again makes alignment and working with different sized screens much easier.

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Make the right choice, purchase a Synergy Stand safe in the knowledge that it will be able to handle your screen mounting requirements whatever they may be.

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