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New 2013 Intel Haswell CPU’s Are Here

Another year passes and another batch of new CPU’s have been released by Intel, their code name is Haswell and they are the 4th generation replacements for the Ivy Bridge processors.

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Matrox M9188 Review

Matrox is a Canadian company that specialises in professional computer graphics hardware. Over the years they have offered a number of graphics card solutions for professionals with specialist needs.

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2012 Ivy Bridge CPU’s

Intel have just released their latest CPU line-up badged Ivy Bridge, offering performance improvements over the previous Sandy Bridge generation these new processors now power all our Ultra and Extreme class of PC’s.

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Multi Monitors & Laptops?

We often get enquires asking how to connect a multi-screen array up to a laptop, unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. Most laptops are only really designed to support one external monitor...

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Why We Limit Our Upgrade Component Selection

Very occasionally we get asked why we don’t offer a greater range of components to customise our computers. The main reason for this is we want to supply you with the best performance and reliability...

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Why Eyefinity Cards Are a Poor Choice for a Trading Computer

ATI Eyefinity graphics cards are gaming graphics cards which tend to have a high number of monitor outputs on the back of them. This leads many people to believe they are a good choice for a professional multi-screen or trading computer, unfortunately this is wrong.

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Solid State Drives – Big Performance Increases

Solid State hard drives have been around for a while now however there is still not a great understanding of the benefits of using them in PC builds amongst many of our customers.

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Sandy What? – Explaining the new Intel CPU’s

Intel have just released (Jan. 2011) their latest generation of CPU chips on to the market, this new family of chips is codenamed ‘Sandy Bridge’ and they are pretty amazing.

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