Could a Computer Problem Spell Disaster For Your Trades?

With news just in that a stock brokerage in the US recently lost £283,000,000 due to a ‘technology glitch’, it only highlights the importance of having reliable and adequately powered IT equipment.

Having worked with traders for years now we know how important reliability is to them, their PC needs to be able to perform when asked and remain stable and reliable over the long term.

Does your machine offer this kind of reliability? Can it withstand long trading sessions with no fear of it failing? And if a problem does occur how quickly will you be able to recover from them and get back up and trading again?

Why Most PC’s Are Poor for Trading

The main problem is that as time has moved on PC’s have become almost a disposable commodity. Components have become faster, smaller and cheaper to produce leading to the fact that you can now buy a new PC along with your groceries for a really low price.

These low prices have conditioned many of us to expect to pay next to nothing for computer equipment yet our expectations of power and performance have not been lowered.

The truth is that low priced PC’s generally equal low performance, low support and reduced lifespans.

This is fine if you’re buying a computer to simply browse Facebook or write the odd letter, but when thousands of pounds of your money is at stake, and delays in seeing the latest market movements or placing a trade can mean the difference between profit and loss, then does it really make sense to use anything other than purpose built equipment?

Professional Trading Computers

Choosing professionally designed trading computers is a sensible decision, you benefit from the experience of PC assemblers who know your needs inside and out.

You are not simply buying a cheap computer put together by low skilled and low cost employees who think that simply sticking in a highly unsuitable multi-screen capable graphics card makes it a trading PC!

At Multiple Monitors we don’t claim to be providing anything magical in our builds, we have just spent time and energy selecting the best components for the job based on factors such as speed, multi-tasking, reliability and noise output.

We know this sector and specialise only on these types of system builds.

In terms of cost we offer great value, no our systems will never be classed as cheap, however when directly matched spec for spec with our US based competitors we generally end up hundreds of pounds cheaper when taking into account VAT and delivery charges.

Even those cheap UK computer builders end up at similar price levels to us once you actually spec up their machines to a suitable level.

So, don’t run the risk of making trading losses due to preventable failures.

Consider investing in a purpose built trading computer and advance your trading career without the hassle of IT issues making life more difficult than it already is.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: August, 2012