2020 Computer Refresh

We are at the start of a new year / decade, so we thought it was a good time to refresh our computer line-up.

Everyone of our computers has been reviewed and at the very least re-priced, some feature new options, others now come with completely different processors.

I’ll run though the changes below, but first let me briefly explain some of the thinking behind the changes.

AMD Now a Realistic Option for Some.

Intel have been the leader in terms of desktop processor performance for the last 12 – 15 years really, the only major rival, AMD have not been able to match them, until now that is.

Basically AMD have really caught up and even surpassed Intel in some areas, and a major set of chip releases late 2019 have prompted a re-think on some of our computer options.

If you are interested to learn more about AMD’s resurgence, our TraderSpec website has more details.

So, What’s New with our Computers?

I’ll run through the updates to our computer line now and explain what’s changed and why.

Pro PC’s – These are our lowest cost multi-screen systems and are still based on the 9th generation Intel platform. Despite AMD’s new lineup the Intel 9th gen series is still a very fast, and reasonably priced option.

We have managed to reduce the cost of a Pro PC and have re-priced some of the upgrade options to make them even better value.

View our Pro PC here.

Ultra PC’s – Our highly popular mid-priced multi-screen PC, the Ultra’s continue to offer great value and a lot of customisation options, perfect if you need to configure something specific to meet your needs.

Offering the full lineup of Intel 9th gen chips from the i3 right through to the i9, and everything in between.

We have given the Ultra a price cut and have re-worked the upgrade pricing to ensure they are highly competitive options for our customers.

View our Ultra PC here.

Extreme PC’s – Previously built on the Intel HEDT X Series platform of chips, we have dropped Intel completely here and gone for some of the new AMD offerings.

The top two Ryzen 9 chips are the base options here with the multi-threaded monster Threadripper chips higher end upgrades.

Going with the Ryzen 9 as the base option has allowed us to drop the base price of the Extreme by £100 whilst offering better performance, a win – win for everyone.

View our Extreme PC here.

Charter PC’s – Our lowest priced dedicated trading computer, the Charter uses a similar platform as the Pro PC’s, just configured with some options to make it more suitable for our trading customers looking for a system to run web based trading and charting packages.

Again we have managed to reduce the base price of this machine and have also re-priced some of the upgrade options to offer better value for money.

You also now have the option of adjusting the keyboard / mouse set, speakers and wifi card options, something some of our customers have requested.

View our Charter PC here.

Trader PC’s – Our flagship trading PC, the Trader is our biggest seller. For 2020 we have added in the Ryzen 9 3900x and 3950x CPU options which sit alongside the normal Intel 9th gen i5, i7, and i9 CPUs.

This change ensures the Trader PC remains unmatched in it’s potential to power any trading platform you can throw at it.

Like the Charter PC we have also re-worked some of the upgrade options to allow greater customisation.

Finally, due to a combination of amended upgrade options and greater efficiencies we have taken a massive £100 off the cost, pricing the base Trader PC at just £995 + VAT, amazing value for the spec on that machine.

View our Trader PC here.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: January, 2020