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Charter PC
Charter PC
Charter PC
Charter PC
Charter PC
Charter PC
Charter PC
Charter PC

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The Charter PC is the perfect trading computer for people looking to get serious with their trading performance with a dedicated trading computer.

Designed to be a fantastic charting and trading platform, it excels at running charting packages across a number of connected screens.

Performance can be upgraded via the options to give you a really strong all round trading computer capable of handling multiple platforms running simultaneously.

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About This Trading PC?

Perfect for Traders, Here's why

The Charter PC is a fantastic choice for traders looking to purchase their first trading computer, or for more experienced traders running common web trading platforms like IG or CMC. It is also a great option for users of MetaTrader 4 / 5.

Read on to see how this computer will bring to your trading to a whole new level:

Fast Processors & RAM

Intel 10th Generation CPUs

The biggest factor in how fast your trading software will run is your CPU.

In this Charter PC we use the fast 10th generation Intel Comet Lake processors, our benchmark testing results show that they are a great choice when looking to run one or two trading platforms whilst keeping costs down.

The i3 10105F CPU is fast at running most charting platforms, the i5, i7, and i9 options below increase the speed and the multi-tasking ability further allowing extra charts or running a second broker or charting system at the same time.

8GB of fast DDR4 RAM is ample for most charting applications however you have the option of increasing this if you anticipate running more platforms, charts, or lots of web browser tabs simultaneously.

Responsive & Easy To Setup

Multi-Screen Graphics Capability

Many traders want to run multi-screen setups so that they can see their different charts all at once without having to constantly flick between screens.

With a Charter PC this is made super simple, simply select how many monitors you want to connect in the options below and we will build the PC for you with the right number of monitor ports on the back of it.

By default you get a triple screen capable PC, 4, 6, or even 8 screen versions can be selected below. You can run standard FHD screens, or even go to higher resolution QHD or 4K monitors.

Display Fusion

Multi-Monitor Software

When you have a lot of monitors it can become time consuming and even frustrating trying to get the right charts into the right screens.

Every new Charter PC comes with our exclusive version of DisplayFusion, a suite of tools that integrate with Windows and allow full control over all of your programs, charts and screens.

Want a specific chart to open in a specific screen? Divide your screens into regions? Or quickly jump your charts into the right size and position, all with just a couple of clicks?

DisplayFusion makes it all easy, and is pre-installed ready to go.

Silence As Standard

On All Charter PC's

Noise levels are often overlooked and can be hard to estimate before using a computer, however controlling noise is important. Who wants to sit next to a loud computer through long trading sessions?

As a company policy, all of our computers are really quiet and the Charter PC is no different.

Ultra-low noise power supplies, silent graphics cards, silent solid state hard drives, along with manual fan tuning ensure that all you'll hear from your Charter PC is a faint hum at the worst.

Other companies can charge up to £50 extra for a quiet PC build, we include it free of charge.

All The Extra Kit

You Need Included

Getting setup with a new computer often means buying extra kit on top of the standard PC unit itself, this can quickly add to the cost of your new system.

With a Charter PC we include pretty much anything you're going to need in with it as standard.

This includes a wired mouse and keyboard set, which can be removed or switched to wireless. We can also include adapters to allow you to connect HDMI or DVI screens if you request them after ordereding your PC.

Other companies charge between £60 - £100 for this extra kit, we supply it free of charge.

Select Windows 10 or 11

Fully Optimised OS

Great computer performance and responsiveness is down to more than just the speed of the components, the software setup and configuration can massively impact how fast a computer runs.

Windows 10/11 is the main software on your computer, it launches all your trading packages and interfaces, and constantly runs in the background.

There are many options which can impact how fast Windows performs, we manually adjust settings based on your computers hardware to ensure that it runs at optimal levels right out of the box.

Other companies can charge up to £40 extra for Windows optimisation, we do it free of charge.

Quick Build Service

Get Your Machine Quicker

All Charter PC's are custom built for each order, this allows you to select the exact configuration that meets your trading needs rather than just buying what's available at the time.

One of our experienced, expert technicians will then build up the computer for you, pre-install and optimise your Windows and Display Fusion installations, and then put it on a thorough 32-hour stress test to make sure it reaches you in perfect working order.

Our efficient build and test process takes a maximum of 4 - 5 working days, with delivery made on the next day after this.

Other companies charge between £70 - £300 extra for a 4 - 5 day build time, we do this free of charge.

Un-Matched Support

Onsite & Unlimited Remote Support As Standard

Traders, perhaps more than most, rely on their computers to make money, a loss of access to the markets could be very costly, that's why ensuring you get great support for your new computer should be a priority.

All Charter PC's come with our standard 5 year hardware cover, the first year is our unique OnSite / Replacement / Collect service, which means most hardware faults can be resolved without you sending the PC back for repair.

We also offer lifetime email, phone and remote access support for those times when something goes wrong with your Windows installation (which can happen to anyone, at any time).

Choose Your Options

We have a selection of upgrades available to add functionality and further improve the performance of your Charter PC:

CPU / Processor

The heart of your computer, your processor has a direct impact on the speed of your computer and its ability to run multiple programs simultaneously.

RAM / Memory

RAM determines how many programs and charts you can open simultaneously without slowing down your computer.

Number Of Screens Supported

A standard Charter PC can power up to three 5K monitors. Change the option to support more screens, the Monitor & Resolution panel shows supported resolutions and ports.

Hard Drive Capacity

Your hard drive is where your software and data is stored. 250GB is enough for Windows and your trading platform installations. Increase for extra file storage capacity.

Second Hard Drive

Add a second hard drive if you have larger file storage requirements.

Bootable Backup Drive

This is a backup solution which clones your 'C' drive on a schedule to a spare internal hard drive and allows for easy and quick recovery from many system issues.

Mouse & Keyboard Set

We supply a wired mouse and keyboard set with your Charter PC, you can switch to a wireless set or remove them if you'd prefer.


Desktop computers do not generally have built in speakers, select whether you would like some suppling with your Charter PC.

Wireless Network Card

All computers come with a wired network port, if you need a WiFi connection selection your option here. Select the AC card for faster fibre optic connections.

Bluetooth Functionality

If you need Bluetooth capability for a wireless headset or keyboard / mouse then add it here.

Operating System

Select between Windows 10 or 11, Home and Professional editions.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office gives you Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote, if you require Outlook go for the Business Edition. This is a 1 PC, lifetime license.

Hardware Support Warranty

All Charter PC's come with 5 year hardware cover as standard. The first year is an Onsite / Replacement / Collect service, for extra peace of mind this can be extended for 2 or 3 years.

Trading Performance Levels
Speed / Responsiveness: PC raw speed ignoring multi-tasking workloads, a big factor in trading software performance levels.
Multi-Tasking: Ability to run multiple trading platforms and software simultaneously without impacting system performance.
Multi-Threading: Multi-threaded performance. Important for back-testing and some of the more intensive platforms.
Quietness: Noise levels in standard use.
10 stars = faint hum, 1 star = jet engine.
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Monitors & Resolutions Supported

Supported Screen Resolutions:

Available Monitor Ports:

*Use the 'Graphics Card Setup' to change this.
Full Charter PC Specifications

Fast B560 Chipset Motherboard

Antec VSK ELite Case

Low Noise 500W Quiet Power Supply

Gigabit Ethernet LAN Adapter

8 Channel High Definition Audio Sound Card

3 x USB 3, 3 x USB 2 & 1 x USB Type-C Ports

Low Noise CPU Cooler

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