Here at Multiple Monitors we are vastly experienced at supplying trading computers to traders like you, we know what does and doesn't work well.

Taking this a step further we launched, a new resource dedicated to helping traders get the best out of their computers.

As a part of this we have benchmarked a wide range of processors and graphics cards to assess their relative performance levels with trading platforms, we have then taken these results and used them to assign performance level stars to our computers.

Note: The star ratings are relative to all processors and configurations across our range, a low star rating does not necessarily mean poor performance, they are simply an indication of relative performance compared to all the other options we have available.

Moving The Stars

- Changing the CPU will impact on it's speed, multi-tasking and multi-threaded ability.

- RAM will also impact multi-tasking capability somewhat on some configurations.

- Some graphics and hard drive options can increase noise levels.