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The Ultra’s offer a fantastic combination of great pricing and strong performance with a component list that has been very carefully put together by our expert system builders.

Built using the fast Intel 13th generation processors they offer a lot of opportunity for customisation with lots of optional upgrades available.

CPU, Chipset & RAM

At the heart of the Ultra machines are the new 13th generation Intel CPU's, these are Intel's latest i3 processors and the chips available here offer a great range of performance at this price point.

Starting at the i3 13100F and going right up to the 13th gen i7 13700KF, there is a processor that is going to meet everyone’s needs no matter what the job.

The vast majority of software works faster on a CPU with a high single thread speed, this is a measure of CPU performance. Even the base i3 13100F offers a higher single thread speed than all previous 10th and 11th generation Intel chips.

This is a speedy machine. Going for one of the CPU upgrades will boost single thread speed further but the main advantage would be the extra processing cores which massively improve multi-tasking performance levels.

For the motherboard selection we use Intel B760M chipset boards, a great match to ensure a highly responsive yet affordable system.

Ultra’s start with 8GB of DDR4 which is a decent amount of RAM for many workloads, increasing to 16GB, 32GB, or even 64GB is also an option if you need more headroom for working with your files and programs.

Hard Drives

The Ultra series come with M.2. Solid State Drives as standard. These new type of hard drives offer amazing performance improvements over traditional drives, making system boot and program opening times much quicker, meaning less time having to sit around waiting for your PC to respond.

You have the option of increasing the capacity of your SSD on the upgrade options.

A secondary hard drive can also be added if required meaning that you can get the performance of an SSD coupled with the larger storage space of a traditional hard drive, or you can now go all SSD for both your boot and second hard drive, great for an ultra quiet system.

Graphics Cards

Main graphics power is supplied by a new Intel Arc A380 card, this is a quad monitor capable graphics card, perfectly suited to all non-gaming workloads.

Each monitor port can support up to a full 4K screen resolution so you can essentially connect any four screens you can buy right now up to your Ultra and be certain that they will be fully supported.

Options to increase monitor support right up to 10 screens are available and the Ultra customisation page will show you the available resolutions supported at these various configurations.

In terms of monitor outputs, all of our graphics cards now use a mix of HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, these are fully digital and can easily be converted into full size DisplayPort, HDMI, or DVI ports using cables and / or adapters.

If you are unsure how to connect your monitors just let us know the make and model and we can advise the best way, often we can include adapters but this does depend on the type of screen you wish to connect.

Customers buying an Ultra PC in a bundle with stand and screens will get cabling to connect each screen up directly supplied free of charge.

Case, Power & Cooling

Your new Ultra PC will be housed in a Fractal Design Core 1100 case, this offers great looks, quiet operation, good cooling, and also features two front mounted USB ports.

Power is supplied by a BeQuiet premium low noise supply, this ensures a really quiet system build and provides highly stable power outputs which helps toward a long life PC.

CPU cooling is handled by premium BeQuiet air coolers for all chip options, these are premium level and ultra quiet coolers.

Capable Machines at a Great Price

Overall the Ultra machines are great options for people who want a computer that is both highly response and performs well with multi-tasking workloads.

It offers great performance for the vast majority of day to day tasks that you’d undertake on a PC (such as Internet usage, Word Processing, displaying charting software) and is certainly no slouch either when it comes to more demanding workloads.

Remember, even the default Intel i3 CPU will outperform any previous generation Intel chip, even some older i9’s for many workloads, so don’t be fooled into thinking an older generation (or AMD) chip will be a better option just because it might be an i5 or i7.

The selection of quality components ensures that this machine is virtually silent and on a price / performance basis you will be hard pressed to find a better option on the market anywhere else.

View, configure, and buy your Ultra PC now.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: August, 2023