The Trader Pro PC | The Ultimate Trading Computer

Brand new for 2022 is our high end trading computer system the Trader Pro, aimed directly at trading professionals and power users of trading platforms like TradeStation, NinjaTrader, TT Platform, and Bloomberg.

Put together using the best performing components, read on to discover what makes this machine your ultimate trading computer.

CPU, Chipset & RAM

Late in 2021 Intel released their 12th generation processor line up and it pretty much destroyed all their previous CPU lineups by some margin, they also took the performance crown back from AMD in many aspects of how processors work.

The star of the show in many peoples (including ours) opinion was the Intel i5 12600KF, a processor that was supposed to be mid-range but comfortably blitzed the entire 11th generation Intel lineup including their top (and expensive) i7 and i9 chips.

It offered a single thread speed rating that beat the entire AMD line of processors, a phenomenal result for anyone running trading software as this measure of performance is what makes a difference in trading applications.

So, as you may have guessed, we needed to offer our customers this processor, and the Trader Pro uses it as its default option, guaranteeing unmatched performance for trading workloads against anything anywhere near its price point.

Also on offer are the new i7 and i9 chips which improve upon the single thread speed even further, they also offer increases in core counts which bumps up multi-tasking and multi-threaded performance levels pretty significantly.

Despite Intel’s efforts, AMD chips do still offer a great solution for extreme multi-taskers and people who run software that requires the best multi-threaded performance possible, as such you can switch your Trader Pro to an AMD based system and then pick any of the new Zen 3 chips.

Switching between processors on the Trader Pro configuration page shows exactly what each processor option gives in terms of responsiveness and multi-tasking performance levels.

In terms of motherboards we use the best and fastest chipsets possible, this means Intel Z690 motherboards for the 12th generation chips, and X570 boards for the AMD line up.

You have a great CPU, great motherboard, so you need to finish off the set with great RAM, and with a Trader Pro you get 32GB of fast DDR4 RAM as standard.

Pairing 32GB of RAM with any of the CPU options makes for superb overall performance levels, anyone needing more has the option of doubling up to 64GB or going right up to 128GB.

Hard Drives

For this machine only the best will do so we use the M.2 style SSD drives, these drives offer ultra high read and write speeds ensuring that your hard drive will never be a bottleneck on performance.

Starting at 250Gb which is often more than enough for most traders, you can choose 500Gb, 1Tb and 2Tb capacities for your main C drive.

Customers looking for extra storage can opt to install a second hard drive into their build, this would result in a ‘D’ drive in Windows ready for file storage.

For the second drives you have a choice of a traditional style ‘spinning platter’ drive or a second SSD drive.

SSD drives are faster and run silent, but cost more and capacities don’t go as high.

Traditional style drives offer a lot of storage space for a lower cost, but can sometimes emit a feint hum, buzz, or the odd click when the drive is in use.

Graphics Cards

Graphics and monitor connection ports are handled comfortably by the new nVidia T600 card, this is a four monitor capable professional class graphics card.

It comes with four Mini-DisplayPort outputs which can be easily switched into full DisplayPort, HDMI, or DVI ports using appropriate cables or adapters.

In terms of resolutions supported, the T600 can do up to four 5K resolution screens or anything under that, so 4K, QHD, and FHD monitors are all supported, meaning that this computer can connect and run pretty much any four monitors you can buy right now.

If you need to run more than 4 screens we have options for 6, 8 and 12 screen capable setups, supported resolutions for these graphics options are listed on the Trader Pro configuration page in the Display Resolutions box.

Case, Power, Cooling & Noise

We use the premium Corsair 110Q case for these builds, it offers a sleek black finish with plenty of internal space for cooling and component upgrades. It also carries noise dampening panels which help to keep the system quiet.

Power is supplied by a BeQuiet power supply unit, these re the lowest noise and most reliable supplies we have ever used.

CPU cooling for the Intel i5 and i7’s is handled by a premium BeQuiet low noise air cooler, these are tuned down by us to be virtually silent in standard operation.

For the Intel i9 and the full AMD range we switch over to Corsair liquid CPU cooler which features a 240mm radiator and two low noise fans. Whilst still a very quiet solution it is slightly louder than the air cooling we generally use. If your Pc is situated under a desk you will likely not hear anything though.

A High End Trading Computer

This new for 2022 trading PC has been designed for our customers who are power users of some of the more intensive trading platforms.

If you are using software like MT4, or trade with web based platforms like Trading View then our lower cost Trader PC may be a better and lower cost fit for your needs.

If however you run 2 or more of the more intensive platforms and want the best performance possible then the Trader Pro is the machine for you.

View, configure, and buy your Trader Pro PC now.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: February, 2022