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The Trader PC is our first ever computer designed specifically for traders, the idea is to provide a system pre-configured so that it will power through even the busiest trading sessions with ease.

Based along a similar specification and component list to the Ultra computers, the Trader PC has fewer options to make your choices simpler. If you’re not an expert in PC components you no longer have to worry, just go for the Trader safe in the knowledge it will easily handle your trading platform requirements.

CPU, Chipset & RAM

We have based the Trader machines with a brand new Intel Core i5 (9600KF) CPU, this is one of the newest Coffee Lake processors and it performs really well.

The i5 is a Six Core chip meaning that it is great at multi-tasking between many open programs and charts. We also make available faster i7 and i9 chips which boost the raw speed of your trading computer and also increase it’s multi-tasking and multi-threaded workload effectiveness.

New for 2020, we have also added in options to switch to the new AMD Ryzen 9 3900X or 3950X processors which are 12 / 16 core chips respectively.

The Ryzen 9’s are almost as fast as the i7 / i9 Intel chips, there is little between them all, however the extra processing cores on the AMD’s make them better at handling multi-threaded workloads or running lots of the more intensive trading platforms simultaneously.

The Intel CPU’s run best on a Z390 motherboard chipset which is exactly what we use, whereas the AMD chips require an X570 motherboard.

We have also found the AMD’s run a bit hotter so selecting one of these also switches you to a liquid CPU cooling solution rather than the silent air cooling which we use for the Intel processors.

Motherboard and cooler alterations are done automatically and are included with the price of the various CPU options.

RAM (or memory) is what a computer uses to keep your programs open, the more RAM the more programs, spreadsheets and charts you can run simultaneously. The Coffee Lake CPU’s use the fastest type of RAM called DDR4, we include 16GB of this RAM in all Trader PC builds which is a pretty substantial amount.

Hard Drives

Your hard drive is where you store your programs and files, a slow hard drive can act as a bottleneck on system performance so it is crucial to ensure you have a new solid state drive (SSD) in your system build. (read more about solid state drives here.)

In your new Trader PC you will get a 250GB M.2 SSD as your main C drive, this provides ample storage space for Windows, your trading software installations and a large amount of data files.

The M.2 type SSD drives are also the fastest ones you can get right now which aids overall system responsiveness when booting up, opening programs and working with saved files.

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Graphics Cards

An nVidia GT 1030 graphics card powers your system and uses a GT 710 alongside it, they let you connect up to 4 screens with ease, you can connect 4 HDMI monitors or 4 DVI monitors (or any mix of them) directly from the back of the Trader PC.

The GT 1030s offer effortless performance and are passively cooled making them completely silent in operation which is really nice.

If you want to power more screens you can opt for the twin Quadro P620 graphics cards, these can run up to 4 screens per card giving you a maximum of 8 monitor connections to use.

For traders looking to support higher resolution screens we have a four x 4K option which enables your trading PC to support up to four massive 4K resolution monitors at the full 60Hz setting.

The Quadro cards have monitor outputs called Mini DisplayPorts on them, these need adapters to allow connection of standard HDMI or DVI screens however we helpfully include these in with the cost of the upgrade. You simply need to choose whether you want HDMI or DVI adapters.

If you are unsure then simply check which type of inputs your monitors have on them and then match them up. If you buy a Trader PC as part of a bundle from us with screens then you don’t need to worry, we will automatically include the right adapters and cables to allow easy connection of all your screens.

Case, Power, Cooling & Noise

We have chosen the really smart looking Fractal Design Core 2300 Case for the Trader PCs, these are fantastic looking cases that offer great system cooling options.

Power is supplied by a low noise BeQuiet power supply unit which gives a highly stable output and is (as the name suggests) nice and quiet.

The Intel CPUS are cooled by an Arctic Freezer block which performs really well and is also really low noise. The AMD Ryzen's do run hotter so require a liquid cooling setup. Combined with the low noise graphics cards and the premium case cooling we install the overall effect is a PC that is whisper quiet. You will be hard pressed to hear anything from your Trader PC which is a real bonus in those long trading sessions.

Fantastic Machines for Traders

The Trader PC is a fantastic option for someone looking for a computer dedicated to trading use in either a home or office environment.

It has been designed to guarantee amazing performance levels across a wide range of trading platforms right out of the box.

We have purposefully limited the number of options available on this machine to make it a simple choice for customers who are looking for a top trading system but are not experts in computer components.

For customers who want greater customisation options then we recommend looking at the Ultra PC however if you simply want to buy a system ready to power your trading software with ease then the Trader PC is the one for you.

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Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: January, 2020