The Trader PC | Dedicated to Your Trading Success

The Trader PC was our first ever computer designed specifically for traders, the idea was to provide a system pre-configured so that it will power through your trading sessions with ease.

Over the years we have developed and refined the Trader to be the number one choice for many traders wanting the best in terms of responsiveness and processing power, and it is our best selling computer.

CPU, Chipset & RAM

The new and updated Trader PC’s now start with a base spec of the Intel 13th Generation i5 13400F CPU, this processor offers amazing performance for the price point and for many traders this will be as much processor as they will ever need.

In terms of raw speed (single thread speed), which is what the vast majority of trading platforms rely on for performance improvements, it matches or outperforms all the AMD 5000 series chips, and all previous 11th and 10th generation Intel chips (including i9’s).

This stat alone shows how responsive this PC really is.

For those looking for even more performance then more powerful13th generation i5, and i7 chips are options, these increase the single thread speed further, and improve multi-tasking performance by increasing the number of CPU cores.

For the motherboard we use Intel’s new B760 chipset which again offers great performance levels.

16GB of DDR4 RAM is also included in the default spec with options to increase to either 32GB or even 64GB, meaning that you can configure your Trader PC to be an ultra high-end trading system.

Hard Drives

Your hard drive is where you store your programs and files, a slow hard drive can act as a bottleneck on system performance so it is crucial to ensure you have a new solid state drive (SSD) in your system build.

In your new Trader PC you will get a 500GB M.2 SSD as your main C drive, this provides ample storage space for Windows, your trading software installations and a fairly decent amount of data files.

The M.2 type SSD drives are the fastest ones you can get right now which aids overall system responsiveness when booting up, opening programs and working with saved files.

Options to increase the capacity are available, and if you need extra storage space you can also add in a second hard drive with capacities right up to 6TB available.

SSD secondary storage will improve the responsiveness of the computer if you are constantly opening and closing files on the second drive, they also run silent compared to the hum sometimes emitted by traditional style hard drives.

Graphics Cards

Our Newley upgraded Trader PC features a jump in graphics performance by utilising the new Intel Arc A380 6GB card. This is a quad (four) monitor capable graphics card which has a HDMI and three DisplayPort outputs on it.

Each port is capable of running up to 4K resolution screens or anything below this (I.e. QHD, or FHD resolution screens), making the Trader PC capable of running pretty much any four monitors you can buy right now with no need for upgrades.

We also have easy to select options to increase the number of screens supported, go for 4, 6, 8 or 10 monitor support if you need it. The monitors and resolutions supported at each graphics card setting are displayed on the product page under the Monitors & Resolutions Supported box.

DisplayPort outputs can easily be converted into HDMI or DVI ports using low cost adapters, for customers who need specific adapters simply let us know before or after placing an order and we will generally be able to supply them for you.

If you buy a bundle of a PC, stand, and screens from us then we include all required cabling and adapters to allow you to connect everything straight up. You can see our bundles and configure your own on our bundles page from the top menu.

Case, Power, Cooling & Noise

We have picked the smart looking Antec P7 for the Trader PCs, these are fantastic looking cases that enable a well cooled system build.

Power is supplied by a low noise BeQuiet power supply unit which gives a highly stable output and is (as the name suggests) nice and quiet.

CPU cooling is via BeQuiet premium air coolers for all the Intel chips.

All case fans are low noise so overall your new Trader PC should be ultra quiet in operation, when sat under a desk most customers report them as virtually silent machines.

Fantastic Machines for Traders

The Trader PC is a fantastic option for someone looking for a computer dedicated to trading use in either a home or office environment.

The default spec is more than enough to run web based trading platforms like Trading View, and it can handle installed software like MT4, TradeStation or NinjaTrader very well too.

For power users the i5 or i7 CPU upgrades, combined with extra RAM will turn this into a powerful trading companion that is both highly capable and well future proofed.

View, configure, and buy your Trader PC now.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: August, 2023