The Pro PC Series | Multi-Screen Computing For Any Budget

Despite being our lowest cost computer range, the Proís offer solid performance in Windows and can hold their own against many competitors on the market.

Now featuring the full range of Intelís 7th generation Kaby Lake chips the Pro can be configured to offer really high performance at a low price point.

They are primarily purchased by people looking for a lower cost way to output different programs and images across multiple connected displays.

CPU, Chipset & RAM

For the Pro PC you have the option of an i3, i5 or i7 Intel Kaby Lake CPU, these are Intelís 7th generation chips and they offer good performance levels.

The i7 in particular is a very fast processor in terms of itís raw pace and multi-tasking ability. The newer 8th Generation chips are available in our Ultra range of computers.

The i3 is more suited to lighter workloads such as a charting platform for Traders or more basic desktop workloads, whereas the i5 offers enhanced speed and multi-tasking performance.

It comes as standard with 8GB of RAM which is a very good amount for most purposes, you can however double this to 16GB and if you think youíre going to be running a lot of programs at once then this would be a good option to consider.

Hard Drives

Supplied as standard with a 120GB solid state hard drive, this is generally enough space for any software installation requirements and being a fast SSD ensures ultra responsive performance when booting and loading programs.

You have the option of increasing capacities of the SSD drive and adding an extra traditional 7200rpm hard drive for extra storage space.

Graphics Cards

The nVidia GT 710 cards power you screens and are more than capable of producing good Windows performance across all your connected monitors.

They are passively cooled which means silent operation and the lack of moving parts helps with reliability levels as well. Low power requirements also mean they are a pretty economical option.

Each card comes with 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 VGA monitor output of which you can use 2 per card simultaneously.

For the 8 screen option we switch to two powerful AMD W4100 graphics cards, these can each support up to 4 monitors per card however the monitor outputs are Mini DisplayPort so you will need adapters to connect to standard HDMI or DVI screens.

Case, Power & Cooling

The case is a nice Fractal Design branded Core 1000 and the power supply offers really low noise operation.

The case offers good internal design and ensures that airflow is optimum, keeping your components cooler which helps prolong their life.

The low noise 500w power supply likewise helps towards a long PC lifespan due to its stable power output.

The CPU is air cooled by the Intel stock processor fans which is manually tuned down by our technicians to reduce noise levels, this is a more than adequate solution for the vast majority of users.

Multi-Screen Computing at Fantastic Prices

If youíre looking at purchasing a multi-screen capable computer that offers solid performance across software like word processing, Internet browsing, emailing or any other general computing task then the Proís are well worth consideration.

Despite the lower cost of the machines we have not cut corners on component selection at all, everything we install has been specifically chosen to ensure the best possible performance combined with outstanding reliability by our expert system designers.

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Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: November, 2017