The Extreme PC | Fantastic Multi-Tasking Performance

Our top multi-tasking / workstation PC’s out of the box are undoubtedly the Extremes, they have been designed to offer amazing multi-tasking and multi-threaded performance and are capable of handling even the most demanding software packages.

Perfect for power users, content creators, or extreme multi-taskers, the Extreme PC is the computer of choice for demanding workloads.

CPU, Chipset & RAM

Our brand new 2022 Extreme PC has the choice of either the top end Intel 12th generation chips, or the AMD Zen 3 CPU line up.

The base CPU option is the Intel 12th generation i5 12600KF which is ridiculously fast in terms of its raw speed, it is also very good at multi-threaded workloads being a 10 core CPU.

You can opt for the i7 or i9 Intel chips for increased multi-threaded performance or switch to any of the AMD Zen 3 processors.

Despite the raw pace advantage that Intel currently has, the higher end AMD chips do still lead in multi-threaded workloads so if you have software that can take advantage of all available CPU cores then these are the chips to go for.

For the Intel systems we use the top Z690 chipset, for AMD we go with the best X570 chipset motherboards.

In terms of RAM we have paired our Extreme processors with 3,200MHz DDR4 ram modules, starting at 16GB in the base specification, you can double up to 32GB, 64GB or even a massive 128GB if you need to.

Hard Drives

Looking after your data we have paired them up with high speed M.2. Solid State Drives. These are the newest, fastest hard drives which offer a combination of ultra fast read / write speeds and great reliability levels.

With capacities of up to 2TB and speeds of up to 7000 MB/s available these are the best and fastest drives available right now.

For customers with larger data storage requirements can opt for the installation of a secondary hard drive which are available in sizes right up to a massive 6TB if you go for a traditional style drive, or up to 4Tb of fast, silent, but rather expensive SSD storage.

Graphics Cards

Monitors are powered by the new nVidia T400 triple monitor card, capable of running up to three 5K resolution monitors via the three Mini-DisplayPort outputs on the back.

Lower resolutions such as FHD (1920 x 1080), QHD (2560 x 1440), and 4K (3840 x 2160) are also supported, as are all Ultrawide monitor resolutions.

Mini-DisplayPort can be switched into DVI, HDMI, or a full sized DisplayPort input using adapters or cables very easily, and if you buy a bundle from us we include all the required cables and adapters free of charge.

Options to switch the graphics setting to 4, 6, 8 or even 12 monitor capable are available, doing this means that we will switch to nVidia T600 cards, or run multiple graphics cards depending on the option selected.

Case, Power & Cooling

Extreme system builds are housed in the premium and low noise Corsair 110q case.

The case itself is a good looking unit and holds all your components in a secure manner, with inbuilt cable management and plenty of low noise fans to ensure great cooling and airflow throughout the system.

Power is provided by a BeQuiet power supply which offers a highly consistent power feed in a silenced unit.

CPU cooling is handled capably by a Corsair Liquid CPU Cooling System for all the AMD and the Intel i9 chip options, this is a closed loop water cooler which keeps your CPU chip operating at cool temperatures whilst still being very quiet.

For the Intel i5 and i7 options we use a virtually noise free premium BeQuiet air cooler.

The Best For Power Users

If you are a power user, or simply want to ensure that you have the very best IT equipment available on the market right now then there is no better option than the Extreme’s.

Like all our systems, every component has been carefully chosen to work with each other and the end result is amazing power and responsiveness, excellent stability and reliability levels in a virtually silent PC unit.

View, configure, and buy your Extreme PC now.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: February, 2022