The Extreme PC Series | Fantastic Multi-Tasking Performance

Our top multi-tasking / workstation PC’s out of the box are undoubtedly the Extremes, they have been designed to offer amazing multi-tasking performance and are capable of handling even the most demanding software packages.

In terms of upgrade options they are unmatched, 32 core extreme certified processors and a massive 128GB of DDR4 RAM are just a couple of clicks away.

CPU, Chipset & RAM

Our brand new 2020 Extreme PC has switched from Intel chips to an AMD setup. For multi-threaded performance, Intel’s current chip line can’t match up to what AMD can offer.

The base CPU option is a 12 core Ryzen 9 3900X chip, ultra fast and great at multi-threaded workloads, this comes with an X570 chipset motherboard to ensure the best performance levels possible.

Also on offer is the 16 core 3950X Ryzen chip from AMD, similar to the 3900X, just packing in an extra 4 cores for enhanced performance levels.

If 16 cores isn’t enough for you then you can move up to the AMD Threadripper series, here we have 24 and 32 core options for you to consider…

The Threadrippers require a TRX40 motherboard, an enhanced power supply, and greater CPU cooling, all of this is included and changed automatically when you select either of these processor options on the Extreme PC.

All the AMD chips here, both Ryzen and Threadripper are HyperThreaded.

In terms of RAM we have paired our Extreme processors with 3,200MHz DDR4 ram modules, starting at 16GB in the base specification, you can double up to 32GB, 64GB or even a massive 128GB if you need to, that’s more RAM than the main SSD on our base Pro PC!

Hard Drives

Looking after your data we have paired them up with high speed Solid State Drives. These are the newest, fastest hard drives which offer a combination of ultra fast read / write speeds and great reliability levels.

Also available are some new M.2 SSD's, these perform up to 6 times faster than a standard SSD and can help boost your overall system performance and responsiveness even further. Learn more about M.2 solid state drives here.

For customers with larger data storage requirements can opt for the installation of a secondary hard drive which are available in sizes ranging from 500GB right up to a massive 6TB.

Graphics Cards

Graphics and screens are powered by a powerful new nVidia GT 1030 2GB graphics card, these are the main card integral to an Extreme PC and can directly support two digitally connected monitors.

For 4 or 6 screen capable requirements we add extra GT 710 cards, these extra cards do little work but provide the required extra monitor outputs, supporting another 2 monitors per card.

If you need to run 8, or 12 monitors we switch across to the Quadro P620 cards which offer 4 monitor connections per card.

The GT 1030 is a really powerful desktop graphics card, it can also run gaming software but it’s strengths lie in its desktop performance, it is also passively cooled which makes it completely silent, a perfect option for desktop and workstation type performance for professional users.

The nVidia Quadro P620’s are also powerful options which can easily handle a more professional workload, these do carry cooling fans so whilst they are not noisy they are not silent.

In terms of graphics ports, the GT 1030 and 710 cards have 1 DVI-D and 1 HDMI port per card, the GT 710’s also have a VGA output per card. We supply DVI to HDMI adapters which essentially allows connection of all DVI or all HDMI screens to your PC.

The Quadro cards carry mini-displayport outputs which generally need adapters to connect up to HDMI or DVI monitors, these are available options if you need some.

Case, Power & Cooling

We use the excellent BeQuiet 600 case to build your system in, meaning you get two front mounted USB 3.0 ports and excellent system cooling performance.

The case itself is a good looking unit and holds all your components in a secure manner, with inbuilt cable management and plenty of low noise fans to ensure great cooling and airflow throughout the system.

Power is provided by a power supply which offers a highly consistent power feed in a silenced unit. The Threadripper motherboards require an enhanced power supply to properly feed it, this is automatically switched for you if you select one of those chips.

CPU cooling is handled capably by the Corsair H60 Liquid CPU Cooling System, this is a closed loop water cooler which keeps your CPU chip operating at cool temperatures.

The Threadripper chips run a lot hotter and require a switch to a more powerful cooling system, this is included in the cost of the CPU upgrade options.

Note that sometimes the water pump on liquid coolers is a touch noisier than the air cooling on other systems however this normally settles down after being used for a while.

The Best For Power Users

If you are a power user, or simply want to ensure that you have the very best IT equipment available on the market right now then there is no better option than the Extreme’s.

Like all our systems, every component has been carefully chosen to work with each other and the end result is amazing power and responsiveness, excellent stability and reliability levels in a virtually silent PC unit.

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Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: January, 2020