MultiView: Benefits & Instructional Videos

We are really happy with our new version of MultiView, it really makes working with our monitor arrays and PCs even easier and offers lots of benefits over standard Windows behaviour.

In this post I want to cover some more of the benefits and show how to use and configure some of the settings to get your desktop setup exactly as you want it.

Pin a Program to Any Taskbar

With MultiView you get a taskbar on all your monitors, not just your main one. What you can do is pin any programs to any of these taskbars, when you then click on an icon on a taskbar to launch it the program opens in the screen you launched it in.

This is not the standard Windows behaviour which opens programs in almost random screens at times, MultiView allows control over exactly where you windows and programs open.

See it in action and learn how to pin any program to any taskbar here:

Taskbar Options

The MultiView taskbar is really smart and allows you a lot of control over how it works.

You can display the date and time and the notification area on any taskbar, you can also bring back the start button easily on a Windows 8 machine.

This quick video shows the options available to you:

Specify Specific Screens for Specific Programs

You may have a program which you always want to open in a set screen, for example I always leave my email software open in my top right hand screen.

You can easily setup this behaviour on a program by program basis with MultiView to ensure that no matter how you start a program (start screen, desktop icon or taskbar) it always opens up in the screen you want it to.

Watch how this works and how you can set it up here:

Maximise Across the Desktop

Some programs work better if you spread them out across all your screens, a good example of this would be Microsoft Excel. Stretching it out across all your screens will let you see more rows and columns without scrolling.

With MultiView you can add a button to any (or all) programs to do this instantly, see how it works here:

Remember, MultiView is free with any of our computers and bundles and comes pre-installed and configured ready to work out of the box.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: December, 2012