Bootable Backup Drive

PC system and file backup is still a grey area for many people, whilst we all acknowledge that we should be more vigilant it is often the case that computers are left unprotected against a multitude of file issues.

How would you recover from the following scenarios?

  • Windows won’t boot up
  • A windows update breaks your computer
  • Your hard drive develops a fault and fails
  • A virus infection wrecks your system

Do you have enough backup protection in place to quickly recover from the above without losing any data?

If you are like most people, (including me!), then you will probably only have the minimum amount of cover in place.

Because of this we have now made available a new automated backup system called a Bootable Backup Drive.

How It Works

Our new solution makes use of some very clever software and an extra hard drive to take and maintain a pretty much constant copy of your C drive.

On a schedule determined by you the software will clone your C drive onto the extra hard drive including all Windows files, programs and data stored on the C drive.

This backup drive then simply sits in your machine waiting to be called into action.

In the event of a system problem you can simply reboot the PC, hit F8 and then boot the system directly from the backup drive.

All your programs and files will be available to use, essentially the PC will not even know that it’s running off a different C drive.

This allows you to easily recover from a physical drive failure or any kind of Windows system file corruption which might occur due to a bad Windows Update (this happens more than you’d think).

Likewise, if you get virus’d or infected with any kind of software from the Internet, a quick reboot will get you back up and running again, allowing you to take steps to rectify the original problem.

If a drive has died you can simply replace the failed unit and then use the software to re-clone your Windows system back onto the new drive unit, similarly if you get virus’d or Windows just refuses to boot then you can quickly re-clone all your programs and data back across from the Bootable Backup Drive and you’re good to go.

The software lets you set the backup schedule to meet your needs, we find a weekly backup is a good option because it keeps your system pretty much up to date but gives you enough of a window to go back and fix any issues which may occur.

Daily backups are easily achievable or you can manually make backups whenever you see fit.

The software sits out of the way and once you have made the first clone (which we even do for you before you receive the machine!), subsequent clones occur in the background and take just a few minutes, you probably won’t even notice them going.

All PC’s and Bundles are now available with a Bootable Backup drive as an upgrade option and full installation of a 500GB backup drive and all software setup will be included in the cost.

Give yourself some peace of mind and add your Bootable Backup Drive option on to your next Multiple Monitor PC system.

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: August, 2012