All Pro Spec PCs Now Feature Haswell CPUs

Well, Intel have certainly been busy these last few weeks.

Their Ivy Bridge E CPUs have only just hit the market and now we also have the Haswell i3 range available as well just a couple of weeks later.

This release of the Haswell Core i3 CPUs follows on from Junes i5 and i7 Haswell release which we covered here: Intel Haswell CPUs.

At that time no new i3 processors were available however this has now been rectified and we are now able to supply them to you.

As is our policy to never supply old generation components we have immediately migrated our Pro PC Series across to the improved Haswell chips, this means new CPUs and motherboards are to be found across our entire range of multi-screen computers.

We have selected the Haswell i3 4130 Dual Core CPU as our main i3 variant, you can then choose to upgrade any Pro PC to the Haswell i5 4670K which is a quad core CPU.

Early performance tests show the new i3 4130 offers roughly 10% better performance in most benchmark tests over the Ivy Bridge i3 3220, whilst this is not a giant performance leap, we have managed to hold our prices the same meaning you get an even better performing system for exactly the same price as the older versions of the Pros.

Checkout our multi monitor computers here and if you have any questions just let us know!

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: October, 2013