Triple Monitor Computers


Working over a couple of screens is pretty common now, however if you have ever used a two screen setup then you know what the problem is with them, you still run out of space!

Whether you are working from home, trading the markets, or coding up the next facebook, why not treat yourself to a screen upgrade and start seeing everything you need, all at once.

We sell computers ready to run three monitors right out of the box, just plug in your screens and away you go. Need screens as well? We have bundles which offer everything in one easy purchase.

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Triple Screen Computers

Responsive PC's ready for anything

Select from Intel or AMD processors and get a machine that feels ultra responsive, ready to tackle any task.

Customise your new Triple Screen PC easily online

Make your new computer perfect for you with a range of options and customisations to suit any use case.

Free Display Fusion multi-monitor software

Enhance your productivity further with Display Fusion, a premium set of tools for managing your workload, supplied free of charge.

Plug and play hassle free triple screen computing.

Your new PC will arrive fully configured and ready to run right out of the box, no messing, just get right to work.

Top notch support when you need it

Achieve peace of mind knowing that you have access to lifetime email, remote access, and telephone support, along with a 5 year warranty service.

Complete Triple Screen packages available

Chose one of our bundles and get your new PC supplied with a stand, monitors, and all cabling, includes free upgrades and free delivery.

Triple Monitor Computers

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The Ultra

Triple Monitor PC

Tons of options, this is a highly configurable machine, very popular.

Graphics Options: 4, 6, 8, or 10 Screens

Price From: £795.00
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The Trader

Triple Screen PC

Your perfect trading partner, perfect for many trading platforms.

Graphics Options: 4, 6, 8, or 10 Screens

Price From: £925.00
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The Extreme

Triple Screen PC

Great for heavier workloads, an Extreme Triple Monitor PC can handle it all.

Graphics Options: 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 Screens

Price From: £1,175.00
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The Trader Pro

Triple Monitor PC

The ultimate trading computer designed specifically for professional traders.

Graphics Options: 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 Screens

Price From: £1,275.00
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Triple Monitor Bundles

Take the easy option and go for one of our triple monitor bundles. Supplied complete with computer, multi-screen stand, three monitors, all the cables, and a money saving discount.
Triple 24 inch Monitor Array & Ultra PC Bundle

Triple 24" Widescreen Monitor Array and Ultra Computer Bundle.

From: £1,215.00

Triple 24 inch Pyramid Array & Ultra PC Trading Bundle

24" Triple Screen Pyramid Array and an Ultra Triple Monitor Capable PC.

From: £1,215.00

Triple 21.5 inch Pyramid Monitor Array & Trader PC Bundle

Triple Pyramid 21.5" Monitor Array and a Specialist Trader PC

From: £1,330.00

Triple 24 inch Monitor Array & Trader PC Bundle

Triple 24" Monitor Array and a Highly Responsive Trader PC

From: £1,345.00

Triple 27 inch Monitor Array & Extreme PC Bundle

Triple 27" Widescreen Monitor Array and Extreme Computer Bundle.

From: £1,670.00

Triple 27 inch QHD Monitor Array & Trader Pro PC Bundle

Triple 27" QHD Widescreen Monitor Array and Trader Pro Computer Bundle.

From: £2,100.00

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