With the best will in the world any electrical component can fail at any point in its lifespan, there is no way to guarantee otherwise.

For an important purchase like a new computer system which you need to rely on then it is important to know that you are covered for any problems which might arise.

Our unique Onsite / Replacement / Collect hardware warranty has been specially designed to ensure that in the event of a problem with your computer we get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

How It Works

When you purchase your new computer we build, install and thoroughly test it for faults before dispatch, read more on our testing procedure here (opens in new page / tab).

If your computer develops a fault during simply contact us, we provide lifetime telephone, email and remote access support for all our customers.

In the event of a hardware failure we will liaise with you to determine the quickest way of getting your machine back up and running. This may involve us sending replacement parts out to you (for easy fixes), paying for a technician to attend your machine at your location (for more involved part replacement work), or in very rare cases we may bring your computer back to the workshop for a full fault diagnosis and repair.

If we do need to look at your PC though we will offer you the free use of a replacement computer for the length of time it takes us to fully diagnose, fix and re-test your computer.

This means most hardware problems are resolved quickly and conveniently without the need to send your PC back, and if it needs to come back then you have a working machine to use in the short term.

No matter how we resolve your problems all parts and labour are included for your full Onsite / Replacement / Collect term, and when that expires we provide a complimentary free labour service for a full 5 years from the purchase date of your computer.

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