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Trader PC

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Don’t know the difference in performance levels between various computer components? Luckily we do, and we have put together this performance PC designed for traders like you.

We know which components will give you the ability to power through any trading session no matter how active it becomes.

Click the ‘Learn More’ link below to discover why this computer is the trading PC that you have been searching for.

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About This Multi-Screen PC?

Perfect for Traders, Here's why

The Trader PC has been specifically designed to be a perfect choice for traders, powerful and responsive it uses a well thought out mix of components to provide you with a system than can handle even the most demanding trading sessions with ease. Read on to discover which components are used and why these are the best choice.

Brand New

Intel 2017 Coffee Lake Processors

At the heart of every 'Trader PC' is the latest Intel 2017 Coffee Lake CPU, ensuring blistering speed and highly capable multi-tasking performance.

The successor to the Kaby Lake processors, the new Coffee Lake chips are the fastest mainstream CPU's available right now outperforming Kaby Lake,Skylake, Haswell, Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge CPU's as well as any AMD chips.

The Coffee Lake processor will make sure that your trading PC boots up and launches your trading platforms and programs quickly, whilst maintaining smooth operation during even the busiest trading sessions.

The Latest

& Fastest DDR4 RAM

RAM (or memory) is what your computer uses to store the programs that you are using on your computer, the more RAM you have the greater the number of programs like charts and spreadsheets you can have open simultaneously without the computer slowing down.

Running out of RAM is not something that you want to happen when in the middle of a busy trading session, the 16GB of ultra fast DDR4 RAM will ensure that this never happens to you.

Also note that DDR4 is the newest and fastest RAM available and is the successor to DDR3 RAM found in all previous generation computers.

Access Data Quicker

With A Solid State Hard Drive

Solid State Drives (SSDs) differ from traditional hard drives in that they store your data on microchips rather than on magentic disks. The benefits of this are massively improved data access speed and enhanced reliability due to the lack of moving internal parts. They are also silent which is nice.

The enhanced data access rates means your machine will boot quickly and will be ready to launch your trading programs almost instantly. Windows performance is also significantly enhanced.

Each 'Trader PC' comes with a 240GB capacity SSD, ample space for Windows, all your software packages and a large amount of data files.

Responsive & Easy To Setup

Multi-Screen Graphics Capability

For traders seeing the right information at the right time can be the difference between success and failure. With a multi-screen setup you can position charts and programs at any point on any screen.

A trading computer needs to handle the right number of digitally connected screens whilst offering effortless performance across them all.

Simply choose between 4 or 8 monitor connection capability and we will configure your 'Trader PC' ready to connect to your choice of HDMI or DVI screens.

All The Extra Kit

You Need Included

Every 'Trader PC' comes with all the kit you need to get up and running instantly, straight out of the box.

This includes a premium quality Microsoft Wireless mouse and keyboard set, a built-in wireless network card to easily connect to the Internet via WIFI, and a set of desktop speakers to hear your trading alerts, music or NetFlix films.

We also provide graphics adapters to let you easily connect your machine up to your choice of DVI or HDMI monitors so you don't have to worry about screen compatibility.

Windows 10


Windows 8 had a bad reputation, rightly so, however Windows 10 is genuinely a nice operating system, it runs smoothly, feels highly stable and makes better use of the latest technologies than Windows 7 does.

Microsoft is trying to push everyone across to it and it is better to start with it rather than moving across at a later stage. After testing it for a number of months we are confident that Windows 10 is more than capable for use with a trading PC.

Therefore, every 'Trader PC' will have the latest edition of Windows 10 pre-installed and configured for use, right out of the box.

Silence As Standard

On All Trader PC's

Often an overlooked aspect when initially looking into the specifications of a new computer, the noise generated by your PC can make a real difference to your overall experience of using it.

Traders can often find themselves sat in front of a PC for long periods of time, and a noisy PC setup can quickly become both annoying and frustrating.

To get around this we build all our computers using ultra-low noise components, quiet cooling fans, passively cooled graphics cards and silent SSD hard drives guarantee that you will hardly hear a thing from your new Trader PC.

1 Years On-Site Cover

& Unlimited Remote Support As Standard

Computers are great, until they stop working properly, and with the best will in the world nobody can guarantee that any PC will keep working indefinitely. If you rely on your IT equipment to make your money then it's wise to have great support in place.

Our team of technicians will support you and your machine remotely via email, telephone and remote access sessions for the lifetime of your PC.

If the worst happens and a part fails in your computer then our support partners will attend the PC at your location (no sending it back for repair!) to facilitate a fix, this cover is for 1 year and includes all parts and labour charges. (The onsite repair service is UK mainland only).

Choose Your Options

One of the main ideas behind the Trader PC was to select the best performing components and package them into a simple solution.

For that reason we have only a few carefully selected options to choose from:

Performance Pack

The standard Trader PC specification will provide you with smooth, stable and fast performance whilst running a variety of trading software packages, for customers looking for even more we have a Performance Pack upgrade available.

The Performance Pack will give you a CPU upgrade to the i7 8700K 3.7GHz Coffee Lake (the fastest consumer processor available), 32GB of DDR4 RAM and a hard drive jump from 240GB to 500GB.

The combined effect will give you enhanced speed and responsiveness, greater capacity for multi-tasking (running multiple platforms, more charts & spreadsheets simultaneously), and more space for your programs, files and folders to be stored.

Number Of Screens Supported

A standard Trader PC can support up to a maximum of 4 monitors, you can connect screens using HDMI or DVI connections, all adapters to allow this are included.

If you purchase your Trader PC as part of a bundle with screens supplied, then we will automatically include the right adapters to let you connect everything up so you don't have to worry.

There is also an 8 screen option available which will let you connect up to 8 monitors. We supply adapters with this option to allow connection of DVI or HDMI screens, just choose which type of connection you'd prefer. (Check which inputs your monitors have)

Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft's Office suite is still the leading set of tools for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations for PC's, if you need it we can supply two different versions of Office 2016.

Home & Student: Gives you Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, & OneNote
Home & Business: Gives you Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote & Outlook

Office software is supplied as a downloadable product which you register in your name, the license allows installation on one computer.

On-Site Hardware Support Warranty

All Trader PC's come with 1 year on-site hardware cover as standard, for extra peace of mind this can be extended to 5 years.

Full Trader PC Specifications

ASUS Fast Z370 Motherboard

- >

Fractal Design Core 2300 Case

Low Noise 600W Quiet Power Supply

DVD ReWriter Drive

Wireless AC1300 867Mbps Network Card

Gigabit Ethernet LAN Adapter

8 Channel High Definition Audio Sound Card

3 x USB 3, 3 x USB 2 & 1 x USB Type-C Ports

Ultra Low Noise CPU Cooler

Microsoft Wireless 2000 Mouse & Keyboard

Logitech Desktop Speakers

Microsoft Windows 10 64-Bit

Trader PC Price: £ + VAT

Total Bundle Price: £ + VAT

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