Be honest, if your computer got a virus, Windows refused to boot up properly or your hard drive died what would you do?

The truth for many people is that any of the above scenarios would at the very least mean a headache and at worst could mean lots of lost time and money.

To help you we have developed a super simple backup solution called our Bootable Backup Drive.

How It Works

Basically we install a completely separate hard drive into your computer when we build it, we then install and configure special software which creates a clone of your normal C drive on to the backup hard drive.

The beauty of this solution is that backup drive is bootable by your computer, therefore if anything such as a virus, file corruption, faulty Windows update or even a drive failure affects your main drive you can simply reboot the computer and be back up and running instantly.

All your programs and C drive files will be available to use, your computer will not even know it is using the backup drive. Read more about the drive on our blog (Opens in new page / tab)