Microsoft Windows has supported multiple monitor configurations for a number of years now but aside from giving you the ability to attach more screens, there has been very little in the way of tools to help you use them effectively.

Display Fusion is software package that addresses this issue head on, essentially it offers you a number of helpful tools which are so seamlessly integrated into Windows that you will wonder how you ever managed without them!

Lots Of Features

The package features a smart taskbar, each monitor has its own taskbar showing exactly what is open on each screen individually, this alone is massively helpful in day to day use. You also get jump buttons which let you instantly 'jump' any program to any screen with just 2 clicks.

Other useful options are the ability to set which screen specific programs open in and set different wallpaper and screen savers to different monitors amongst others.

The best way we can show you is visually so See Display Fusion in action here. (Opens in new page / tab)

Every computer we sell includes our own exclusive version of Display Fusion, it is pre-installed, pre-configured and is fully licensed (including all future updates) for the lifetime of the PC.